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Amazon outs Skyrim Premium Edition

UPDATE: It's coming to the UK, Bethesda confirms.

UPDATE: Bethesda has confirmed the Skyrim Premium Edition to Eurogamer and announced that it will launch on these shores.

"It's coming to the UK too and there will more details about its availability soon," a representative said.

Skyrim Premium Edition boxart.

ORIGINAL STORY: Bethesda will release Skyrim Premium Edition in December, a new retail listing suggests.

The Skyrim Premium Edition popped up on Amazon Germany for release on 7th December for 60 euros.

The Premium Edition includes a map of the world, a t-shirt with the emblem of the Empire (one of the game's factions), Hell City: an Elder Scrolls novel and six concept art postcards.

Additionally, the PC version comes with a bonus disc that includes background material, trailers, walkthrough presentations, a 600 page ebook and five songs from the soundtrack.

The listing does not mention downloadable content. Gamers are already speculating that this is because of the high-profile issues Bethesda has endured getting DLC to work on the PlayStation 3 version of the gargantuan fantasy RPG.

Eurogamer has asked Bethesda for comment.

What you get with the Skyrim Premium Edition.