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Skyrim mods let you add Game of Thrones' Starbucks cup

Big Bran-d.

Apparently a very popular TV series has been airing its final season over the past few weeks - and you may have heard that one of its episodes had an extra special treat for keen-eyed viewers: a Starbucks coffee cup accidentally left on-set.

Naturally, the photo was instantly spread around the internet and became an overnight sensation. In fact, it's now spilling into the world of Skyrim, as several modders have answered a call to create Starbucks cups for the world of The Elder Scrolls.

Reddit user DarkMaster06 began the craze by putting out a mod request in r/skyrimmods, which swiftly prompted many to offer up their work. I tested out this one by Sphered (via Nexusmods), which places a single coffee cup on the banquet table in Dragonsreach (and also the Solitude throne room). Here I am doing my best to recreate the iconic scene. Please ignore the raccoon eye makeup - my Skyrim character never left the teen phase.

Amazed no-one spotted this Tar-glaring mistake during editing.

If you own Skyrim Special Edition, the Skyland Coffee mod by JohnRose81 is the one for you. This mod replaces all tankards with Skyland-branded coffee cups - I guess the set management really was bad that day. It's also got a nice little custom design, which looks like the Greyjoy sigil. I bet there's an ink-black espresso in there.

If you've got your own Skyrim coffee mod brewing, head on over to the subreddit to submit your contribution. I Rickon they'd be happy to have more.

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