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Sit down, there's a new Overwatch emote meta in town

It's a game-changer.

Forget all the new Overwatch balance changes, here's how you really change the meta: new emotes. Seated emotes you have to toggle off - no more of this only lasting a couple of seconds nonsense.

There's an entire new suite of emotes coming in Overwatch's newest patch, which are on the game's Public Test Realm now. It's there the new meta is beginning to emerge. May I present...

Exhibit one: Junkrat lying in wait.

Exhibit two: Symmetra as a James Bond villain.

Exhibit three: Tracer discretely capturing a Point.

Each of Overwatch's 22 characters has new emotes, including a sitting-style emote. But of all of them it's D. Va's seated game-screen emote that's most special. Not only is it classified Legendary (1000 game credits) whereas others are Epic (250 game credits), it's also a reference to a community-made D. Va 'Gremlin' meme, in which she stuffs her face with Doritos and gulps Mountain Dew while bingeing on video games - as she does in her emote.

Exhibit four: D. Va halting play with an impromptu LAN party.

The possibilities are endless! The trolling potential high.

Cover image for YouTube videoOverwatch - LEGENDARY EMOTE (New Laugh and sit emotes)
All the new emotes!

PS: Don't really overlook all the new Overwatch balance changes - are you mad? In summary they're bad for Genji, and Good for Mercy and Hanzo.

Genji can no longer get free melee attacks by animation-cancelling, and his Ultimate has been reduced in duration from eight seconds down to six.

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I tried it - I can do it! On the Training Range.

Hanzo can now move a little faster while aiming, and his arrows fly faster, so he can hit things more reliably at distance.

Mercy's healing has been increased and the delay after being resurrected by her has been reduced.

In addition, Mei's Ultimate now has a larger area of effect; Lucio's amped-up movement buff isn't as fast; and Zenyatta's debuff isn't as strong. Zenyatta's base damage has been upped to compensate.

Check out the full patch notes for itty-bitty detail (I don't want to get bogged down, here). One other thing to know is that Watchpoint: Gibraltar's first checkpoint has been removed - the one under the bridge near the beginning - and that if you're cocky enough to type "gg ez" during an Overwatch match, you're now in for a surprise.

Cover image for YouTube videoBlizzard trolls 'gg ez' trolls in Overwatch

Blizzard also recently revealed a new map for Overwatch - the German castle of Eichenwalde - in case you hadn't heard.