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Silent Hill comes to Metal Gear Survive for a limited-time Halloween event

Huh. Cassette tape. What's going on with that cassette tape?

You can dress up as Pyramid Head in Metal Gear Survive's upcoming event.

A new event called The Research's Story (Special Edition) - set to run from 23rd October until 6th November 2018 - will fuse other stalwart Konami brands like Castlevania and Silent Hill with Metal Gear's unique take on a survival game.

Collect enough points during the event and you'll get Pyramid Head's natty headpiece, as well as cassette tapes featuring music from Castlevania Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night, plus the spine-chilling original theme from Silent Hill.

There'll also be a range of reprints, too, including more tapes and recipes.

Right now that's pretty much all Konami is telling us, but we do know that to participate, you must have completed the game's main campaign first.

Despite being "a knowingly cheap spin-off", Martin thought Metal Gear Survive "has more than its fair share of brilliant moments" and reckoned "this eccentric offshoot still proves that, for all the misgivings around the series and Konami since Kojima's departure, there's every chance that Metal Gear can indeed survive".

Thanks, PCGN.