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Shenmue 3 Future Dream quest and reward choice explained

Where to play Pail Toss and win that football.

Future Dream is a side-quest you can come across in Shenmue 3.

It revolves around helping a child in Panda Market, Zhi Mao, who needs your help with getting a soccer ball.

Doing so presents you with one or two Future Dream rewards - and we're here to explain the choice you're about to make.

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How to start and complete the Future Dream quest in Shenmue 3

To start the Future Dream quest, talk to Zhi Mao, the child roaming around Panda Market. When you get close, you can press a special command (Square on the PS4 controller) to pick up the quest.

He wants a Soccer Ball, which you can win from the Pail Toss game just off the Village Square.

The Pall Toss game you're looking for is the one manned by Xuan, the bookie with the facial scar.

The one you're after is in the blue bucket, which is the furthest and hardest one to hit. Use the two sticks to aim for the top of the bucket. The problem here is Ryo's arm will move on its own, too, swaying side to side, but know when you throw, it'll stop immediately.

Our recommendation here is to aim slightly ahead of the top of the bucket - since you can't tell the depth, you'll mostly likely overshoot otherwise.

You have three attempts per 10 yuan, so you have a few goes to get it in. We also recommend saving before you begin this - that way, if you lose a load of cash in your attempt, you can just reload your save to get it all back.

Once you have won the soccer ball, it's time to find Mao Zhi to give it to him.

We have Shenmue 3 explainers on the White Lure and Diamond P quest and Future Dream quest, fishing, fighting, food, making money and tokens and where to find Digital Deluxe DLC.

Future Dream reward explained: Capsule toy or fishing spot?

Once you have the soccer ball, head to Panda Market to find Mao Zhi. We found him in the Prize Exchange, but he can also be found walking around Panda Market at any given time.

There is a choice of two rewards to choose from here - a capsule toy or fishing spot.

Our advice? Go for the fishing spot. The way these work in Shenmue 3 is, even if you happen upon a secret fishing spot, such as the one you're told here, you cannot actually fish at it until you 'unlock' it. And though not confirmed as such as the time of writing, it's possible this is the only way to get this one, making it possibly missable.

The fishing spot location you unlock is near the cow stable (head out the other side of Panda Market, and take the first left). You'll be given a map to show where to go.

As for the rare capsule toy reward, you actually get a Mobile Crane, as well as Pawn Shop exchange explainer. Though rare, you can win this with some persistence, so we recommend opting for the fishing spot.

That's Future Dream completed!

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