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Shenmue 3 Deluxe Edition DLC: How to use the Military Jacket and Burning Sandstorm

Where to find the bonus downloads.

Shenmue 3's Digital Deluxe version comes with a few bonus items as part of your purchase - the Military Jacket and the Burning Sandstorm.

Though you'll be told they've been unlocked in your game, Shenmue doesn't actually tell you where they are or how to use them - so this page can help.

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How to install Shenmue 3's Digital Deluxe DLC

First, it's worth knowing the Digital Deluxe DLC are additional downloads on top of the main game when you purchase it from PSN.

Make sure they are installed, and when you next play Shenmue 3 - even if you redeem the codes after you've started a save - you'll receive a message that they have been automatically redeemed.

How to equip the Military Jacket in Shenmue 3

The Military Jacket - known as Ryo's Flight Jacket in the DLC pack - will appear in your Key Items, as it would any other item of clothing. It's described in-game as: "Flight jacket with an aircraft stitched into the back".

To equip it, head to Settings at the bottom of the menu. On Page 1 of the Settings screen is the option to Change Clothes. Select the Flight Jacket.

Select the Flight Jacket, and when you resume play, Ryo's appearance will change.

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How to use the Burning Sandstorm in Shenmue 3

Burning Sandstorm is a move that will be added to your Skill Book roster. It's described in-game as: "A powerful technique that involves destroying everything in range with an alternating barrage of kicks and punches".

Though you can move this straight away with the X, Square, Square and X button combo, you can also add it to your R2 shortcut. To do this, go to the Skill Book Editor, then add it to the list.

Now, when sparring or in battle, press L1 or R1 to cycle through your moves to use it.

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