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Shadow Warrior revival by the Hard Reset dev announced

3D Realms' follow-up to Duke Nukem 3D gets another shot.

Hard Reset developer Flying Wild Hog is developing a new Shadow Warrior game with Hotline Miami publisher Devolver Digital.

Little is known about the project, but according to its official Facebook page, Flying Wild Hog calls it "a total reimagining of Shadow Warrior," suggesting it's a remake rather than a sequel.

The original Shadow Warrior was a 1997 first-person PC shooter by Duke Nukem 3D developer 3D Realms. No platforms have been announced for the reboot, but given that both the original Shadow Warrior and Flying Wild Hog's previous outing, Hard Reset, were both PC-exclusives, one could postulate that this will be on PC, too. It's unclear if it will come to consoles, though.

Prior to the Shadow Warrior announcement, Devolver had teased its existence in a Steam Greenlight page for something called Blade Analyzer Pro, which was supposedly developed by "Zilla Corporation," the malevolent conglomerate from the first Shadow Warrior. The hunt for more info lead a tipster at GameFront to an unlocked FTP under the URL, which contained the game's logo and numerous mention of Flying Wild Hog.

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