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Seven years after its release, Halo 3's final secret is revealed

The last Easter egg has been unearthed.

Some seven years after Halo 3's release in 2007, its final secret has been unearthed - a cute Easter egg only attainable on a certain date wishing happy birthday to one of the developer's partners.

The Easter egg was unveiled by (and subsequently picked up by IGN - thanks!), and it requires players to hold down both thumbsticks during the loading screen. There's a catch, though - it only works on December 25, and should you do the correct inputs on the correct date you'll be able to see a message flash across the ring.

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It's a secret that's long been teased by Bungie, who've acknowledged the presence of the game's final Easter egg on their own forums. And, as with many of Bungie's games, Halo 3 wasn't exactly short on Easter eggs - and a full run-down reveals everything from hidden dialogue to shout-outs to references to some of the studio's older games.

And that message itself? It's a simple 'Happy Birthday Lauren', seemingly put in place by former Bungie member Adrian Perez who's now plying his trade at Sucker Punch.

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