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Sega Steam sale makes Alien: Isolation a mere £7.99

With the Sega Bundle 92 per cent off.

Sega is having a heck of a sale this weekend on Steam.

Everything must go. That includes the cargo.

Between now and Monday at 5pm GMT, loads of Sega game are heavily discounted on Valve's distribution portal with Alien: Isolation a spiffy 75 per cent off, making it a mere £7.99.

Also of note is the Sega Bundle, an anthology of 93 Sega titles, is a whopping 92 per cent off what each title would add up to individually, bringing the collection to a mere £59.99. That's not bad for an anthology that contains Valkyria Chronicles, Company of Heroes (1 & 2), Total War: Rome 2, Total War: Shogun 2, Binary Domain, Alpha Protocol, Hell Yeah!, and many, many more.

The way the sale operates is that every day at 5pm GMT there will be a number of titles on sale for a 24 hour period. This will last through Monday, 30th March when Sunday's deals expire.

There's quite a lot to like on there, so go on and give Sega's Steam catalogue a looksee.

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