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Sega quietly confirms official Olympics game for next month

Knuckles down.

With little fanfare and less than a month until its release, Sega has confirmed Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game will arrive on 22nd June 2021.

An officially-licensed compilation of 18 Olympic sport mini-games, it will launch for PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Stadia and Xbox.

Of course, it's unsurprising Sega has left this news until so late. While the real-world Olympics are (currently) set to go ahead in July, a year later than originally planned, the debate continues on whether it is right to hold the games at all while many countries - not least its host, Japan - continue to struggle with the impacts of coronavirus.

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There's no Sonic or Mario here (their Olympics game came out safely, back in November 2019) but there is an air of whimsy to the proceedings. You can dress up your athletes in costumes, for example, and have a boxing match between an astronaut and someone in a suit of armour. Also, all characters have weirdly big heads.

Sports include running, swimming, boxing, hurdling, relay racing, football, beach volleyball, tennis, table tennis, sport climbing, basketball, judo, BMX biking and long jump.

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