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Sega and Yoko Taro's Error Game Reset on mobile shuts down after less than a year

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Pixellated art of three shots from a futuristic, neon city. The first image shows a roundabout with a huge Pac-Man statue in the middle. The second shows a huge skyscraper building with the Sega logo. The third shows a busy city street leading to the Sega building, which looms over traffic and buildings
Image credit: Sega

Sega and Nier creator Yoko Taro's collaboration game, 404 Game Re:set -Error Game Reset- will shut down in January 2024, nine months after it launched.

Error Game Reset was first announced in February 2023, and the game released in April.

The shutdown of Error Game Reset was announced earlier today on the game's official website.

The initial trailer for 404 Game Re:set -Error Game Reset-Watch on YouTube

Error Game Reset is a mobile gacha RPG set in a world where Sega rules over everything. To restore the world back to its original state, the player is helped by anime girl versions of Sega's games, such as OutRun and Virtua Fighter. The game has since expanded and also includes anime girls representing Taito and Bandai Namco titles such as Arkanoid and Dig Dug.

"We have worked hard everyday to provide a better service for our players but we have come to the conclusion that it will be difficult to provide a service which will satisfy players in the future," Sega said in its announcement of the game's shutdown. Error Game Reset will be shut down on 5th January, 2024.

Already scheduled content until the shutdown, such as new story quests and new gacha characters to collect, will still go ahead. On 30th November, Sega plans to release an update to the game which will allow players to received refunds for purchases of in-game currency and allow the game to be played with "some" functionality offline after the service shuts down.

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