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Sea of Thieves teases new additions ahead of Season 2's launch next week

Roll out the barrel!

Sea of Thieves will be raising anchor and embarking on its second official season - bringing new content, fresh player progression, and associated rewards - next Thursday, 15th April.

There's not a lot to report on Season 2 just yet, but - barring minor tweaks to the formula - it should continue the template established by Sea of Thieves' current, inaugural season, offering a three-month-long schedule of content updates and events, built around a fresh battle pass.

Expect another 100 levels of rewards in the free tier - progressed through by completing various activities while out on the ocean - plus a small selection of Pirate Emporium goodies and exclusive cosmetics that can be unlocked by purchasing the paid Plunder Pass.

Beyond that, Rare isn't saying much just yet, but today's Season 2 launch date announcement trailer does offers a few hints of things to come.

Sea of Thieves Season Two Approaches.Watch on YouTube

Alongside the usual cosmetic additions, the trailer teases a new Skeleton Fort world event - signalled by a menacing red Ritual-Skull-like cloud in the sky - plus a new hide-in-a-barrel emote with some serious PvP potential. And perhaps we'll also find out exactly who's been setting up stall around Sea of Thieves' outposts after three months of in-game teases.

Expect Rare to provide a more thorough breakdown of Seas of Thieves' second season ahead of its launch on Xbox and PC next Thursday, 15th April.

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