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Sea of Thieves teases a "forgotten world of adventure" beneath the waves for Season 4

Arriving next week on Xbox and PC.

Following its majestic, Pirates of the Caribbean infused third season, Sea of Thieves will be embarking on a new adventure next Thursday, 23rd September, with the arrival of Season 4.

As to what's in store this time around (beyond the inevitable fresh 100 levels of seasonal progression and rewards), Rare remains in a teasing mood, albeit dropping some major hints in Season 4's newly revealed announcement trailer.

It appears the malevolant sirens - which got a long-awaited and wonderfully orchestrated introduction during Season 3's A Pirate's Life campaign - are poised to play an even bigger role. Last season's spectacular Sunken Pearl Tall Tale took pirates down into the depths to visit the gorgeous coral-hewn home of the Siren Queen, and it seems we'll be visiting more areas of the sirens' long-lost kingdom once Season 4 gets underway.

Sea of Thieves Season Four calls to you...Watch on YouTube

"Can you hear it calling to you?", intones the Siren Queen in Sea of Thieves' latest teaser trailer, which ends with a tantalising glimpse of a new area. "A forgotten world of adventure, a kingdom of riches beyond compare. It waits for you beneath the waves."

Quite how that kingdom will manifest in-game remains to be seen. Will it be a multitude of smaller underwater areas dotted around the map or a vast deep-sea metropolis on the scale of The Devil's Roar - Sea of Thieves' first and only major world expansion, introduced all the way back in 2018? "We've been looking forward to expanding our world again, providing new locations for your adventures," teases creative director Mike Chapman over on Twitter. "What you experienced in A Pirate's Life was just a glimpse."

More will likely be revealed in the run-up to next Thursday's launch, but, until then, we can only puzzle over some of the other teases Rare has offered in its trailer - including a host of barnacled treasure and a very fetching alligator hat.