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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Sea of Thieves season 8 launches later this month

Let it sea.

Sea of Thieves season 8 kicks off on 22nd November.

Developer Rare tweeted the news late yesterday, along with confirmation that a full reveal of what's coming up will be streamed next Friday, 18th November, at 7pm UK time (4pm UTC, 8am PT / 11am ET).

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Hopefully we'll find out more about the community's decision in the current Adventure, Return of the Damned, too, alongside sneaky peeks about other new Adventures and Mysteries, the Plunder Pass, and usual bug and QoL fixes.

"Sea of Thieves Season Eight begins on 22nd November," Rare tweeted.

"Tune in at 4pm UTC next Friday, Nov 18th, to see the premiere of the Season Eight Content Update video, following the live results reveal of our current decision point Adventure, 'Return of the Damned'."

"Sea of Thieves still has my heart; even four and a half years on, nothing quite captures the magic of stepping out of a starting tavern into the blazing sun, gently lapping waves teasing imminent adventures to come," Matt wrote in his Sea of Thieves State of the Game analysis.

"Still, the creak and groan and sway of my ship, the splash of sea foam at the bow, the heave and thrust of those beautiful waters are all-consuming, losing me to the sea for hours on end. I can still feel the warmth of the gold snatched in the midst of danger, the coolness of the air in forgotten underwater tombs, and the endless calm atop a mountain, watching the sea turn to fire beneath a glorious setting sun.

"Perhaps some of that lustre is fading, but it's certainly nowhere near gone; Sea of Thieves just needs to scrape off the barnacles and stitch up its sails a bit, ready to raise anchor and cast off for thrilling horizons anew."