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Sea of Thieves' new time-limited event adds exploding skeletons

Keg you believe it.

Sea of Thieves' second time-limited event, Gunpowder Skeletons, does exactly what it says on the tin.

Rare's swashbuckling pirate simulator has added skeleton enemies which carry gunpowder kegs. Naturally, you'll want to stop the buggers before they can get too close and blow up.

Blow them up first and you'll gain renown from the Bilge Rats - Sea of Thieves' new faction who look after the game's time-limited events. Like the last event, which saw you tracking down Skeleton Thrones, you'll gain Doubloons for your trouble which you can then use to buy limited edition outfit items or trade in for reputation with the game's permanent factions.

The Skeleton Thrones themselves, by the way, will remain a permanent part of the game's world - as will the player-earned titles for finding them - but the associated time-limited outfits have now been put back into storage.

Other changes live in today's patch include a variety of gunpowder keg improvements. You can now set a five second fuse for your own keg to detonate, for example. Detonations will rock boats and move them with "explosive force", which sounds fun to try.

Bilge Rat rewards have also become more profitable - you can turn in a letter of recommendation to one of the game's three main factions for a full level-up - very useful for those at the end-game. And there are now Legendary Commendations which earn an additional 50 Doubloons.

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Other big changes include the ability to set your crew status to completely unjoinable - so not even friends can hop in, a nerf in accuracy to the pistol and shotgun aiming of skellingtons, and a fix for Meg so she can no longer jump out of the sea onto islands when squashed nearby ships.