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Sea of Thieves' first mid-season update adds new fishing event, charity sails, and more

Due later today on Xbox and PC.

A month into Sea of Thieves' first battle pass season, Rare's multiplayer pirate adventure will receive its first mid-season update, introducing a new limited-time event and associated rewards, various new Pirate Emporium goodies, plus another charity sail sale, this time with proceeds going to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Sea of Thieves' latest update arrives today, 18th February, and aims to keep things fresh while players progress through the three-month-long Season One's 100 levels of rewards by introducing a new themed event inspired by the Hunter's Call trading company

The Festival of Fishing, as it's known, runs from next Thursday, 25th February, to 18th March, and gives pirates a chance to earn new fishing rods inspired by the Gold Hoarder, Merchant Alliance, and Order of Souls trading companies - as well as a fourth rod based on the Frostbite cosmetics set - by completing various fishing-related challenges.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Health of the Seas, Festival of Fishing and Armakeggon: Sea of Thieves News February 17th 2021
The Health of the Seas, Festival of Fishing and Armakeggon: Sea of Thieves News.

Elsewhere, Pirate Legends can now spend their hard-earned in-game gold on various new bits of the Dark Adventure equipment set in the legendary hideout, and there're more cosmetics to be earned - specifically the Gilded Phoenix shovel, spy glass, pocket watch, and fishing rod, plus a new dance emote - via another bout of Twitch Drops, requiring players to watch a set amount of streaming every day between 19th-23rd February.

Cover image for YouTube videoSails of Hope Trailer - Official Sea of Thieves
The new Sails of Hope, with proceeds going to Great Ormond Street.

Over in the premium Pirate Emporium store, there's the new Rogue Tinkerer ship set and matching costume, purchasable with real money, alongside the Reaper's Heart cat (which joins last year's Reaper's Heart parrot and monkey), a set of Romantic emotes, and the free Point and Laugh emote. Players can also purchase the fetching new Sails of Hope, available from 18th February, with all proceeds going to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Expect all that and the usual mix of bug fixes and quality of life improvements when Sea of Thieves' mid-season update launches later today. The game's second season, which should arrive alongside more substantial content additions, is due to begin sometime in April.