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Sea of Thieves celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day with XP-boosting community event

Plus free emotes, store discounts, and more.

Sea of Thieves is getting in the spirit of Talk Like a Pirate Day with a week of celebrations that'll include the swashbuckling multiplayer adventure's latest XP-boosting community event.

The general festivities begin on Thursday, 15th September (running until Tuesday, 20th September), bringing a free Arrrgh! emote for anyone that logs in during the event, plus special Merchant Alliance fireworks, and discounts in the premium Pirate Emporium store. Additionally, players will be able to pick up a second free emote - Ranting Rogue - from the Pirate Emporium.

The main event, though, is Season Seven's Community Day, running for 24 hours from 10am UTC on Sunday, 17th September. A "generous" Renown XP boost will be applied to all in-game activities for the duration, helping players work through this season's progression track more easily, and it'll be accompanied by a set of additional player-driven boosts via Twitter.

Cover image for YouTube videoSeason Seven Community Day: Official Sea of Thieves
Season Seven Community Day: Official Sea of Thieves

The gist is that a special Community Emissary Grade will gradually increase as players use the #SeaofThievesCommunityDay hashtag on Twitter during the event, causing gold and reputation multipliers to rise (capping out at 2.5x the usual rate) in-game.

Additionally, once Community Emissary Grade level five is reached, Rare will be boosting the spawn rate of Ancient Skeletons around the in-game map. These reward Sea of Thieves' Ancient Coins premium currency to spend in the Pirate Emporium upon defeat, so they're well worth encountering. That said, I've only ever seen one in the four and a half years I've been playing, so it'll be interesting to see just how high Rare plans to boost their spawn rate.

Sea of Thieves' Season Seven Community Day flag.

Oh, and anyone that logs on during Sea of Thieves' Community Day will also get a special event-exclusive flag. Additional details on all the above can be found on Xbox Wire.