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Sci-fi god game Maia edges past Kickstarter goal

Dungeon Keeper meets Dwarf Fortress funded.

Sci-fi god game Maia has edged past its Kickstarter goal.

Indie developer Simon Roth saw the money pledged roll over the £100,000 target over the weekend. At the time of publication the Maia Kickstarter is on £116,495 from 6427 backers with 49 hours to go.

“Thanks for the support,” he said. “I can't find the words to express my gratitude.”

Maia is a god game heavily inspired by Bullfrog games of the 90s like Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital along with newer entries in the genre like Dwarf Fortress. It's also inspired by classic sci-fi authors such as Isaac Asimov and Douglas Adams, as well as '70s sci-fi films like Alien.

The game takes place on the planet Maia, which has recently been colonised by humans. Its surface was found to be "mostly harmless" and you'll have to construct shelters, mine minerals, set up defenses from hazardous wildlife and even feed and entertain your populous.

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