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Scavengers Studio suspends co-founder following reports of sexual harassment

Season developer will now be audited by external firm.

Earlier this week, Darwin Project and Season developer Scavengers Studio hit the headlines after a detailed report published allegations of sexual harassment.

The claims centred on co-founder Simon Darveau, and emerged after concern surrounding his growing influence on the development of Season, the studio's promising upcoming PlayStation 5 game whose debut trailer traded on its inclusive story ideas.

This morning, Scavengers Studio announced it had now "indefinitely suspended Darveau from all responsibilities", in a post on the studio's website penned by current CEO Amélie Lamarche.

Lamarche also came under fire in's article, with reports from staff members who claimed she had previously been both Darveau's partner and the studio's main HR contact.

An external auditing firm will now assess the company's HR practices and workplace culture, and Lamarche has temporarily stepped down as CEO while this takes place.

"Following the toxic workplace allegations brought forward in the media, Scavengers Studio wishes to apologise for the harm caused. Allegations such as these are serious, and we are committed to doing better for our employees, our fans and our partners," Lamarche wrote.

"In the meantime, we ask for the community's patience and understanding as we go through this process. The Season team has poured their hearts into the project. We have full confidence in their creative direction and will continue to support the amazing work of our talented team."

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