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Save over £30 on Logitech's G413 mechanical gaming keyboard

Includes USB pass-through.

Logitech have a range of great PC accessories, particularly for gamers, from microphones and headsets, to mice and keyboards. And their mechanical keyboards have received great reviews in recent years.

The Logitech G413 is one of the company's more premium gaming keyboards, with mechanical keys and a durable design. It's currently available for £80.51 from Amazon right now, which is nearly £30 off the usual retail price.

The G413 has Logitech's signature Romer-G switches, which have been built to provide responsiveness while avoiding the overly-loud sounds made by other mechanical keyboard switches. And the keyboard itself has an aluminium frame, giving rigidity over other keyboards made with cheaper materials.

There's red backlighting here, so you can play after hours while being able to make out every single key without issue. Also, you don't have to compromise here like you do with smaller keyboards, as there's a full row of function keys, giving you the ability to control media (like skipping songs) without reaching for your mouse all the time.

Speaking of mice, there's a USB pass-through port built right into the keyboard. This is such a useful feature, meaning you can attach not just your mouse to make your setup tidier, but if your laptop or destop are out of the way when you're working, you can plug in a USB memory stick or charge your phone with very easy access. It's one of those features you wish was prominent in every keyboard on the market. The only downside with this keyboard is that it has a US layout, meaning the '@' and inverted commas have switched places. Besides that, it's still a great QWERTY keyboard.

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