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Save £300 on the ASUS TUF A15 Gaming Laptop in this early Black Friday deal

Net this deal on a powerful gaming laptop with Nvidia RTX 3060, AMD Ryzen 7 6800H and a 1TB NVMe SSD

Black Friday 2022 begins in just over a week from now, but there’s plenty of deals slowly arising on various fronts, and Ebuyer has one that might interest you, particularly if you’re looking to game on the go or just a powerful gaming laptop upgrade.

Right now, Ebuyer has the ASUS TUF A15 gaming laptop available at a £300 discount, a big saving that brings its overall price down to below £1,000.

So when it comes to specs, what's this machine packing? Let’s dive in...

First off you’ve got the AMD Ryzen 7 6800H, a CPU that brings a lot of processing power to the unit with a base speed of 3.2GHz, a value that can be upped to a max turbo speed of 4.7GHz. This is a CPU with 8 cores – and as such, 16 threads – that will result in quicker speeds when using the laptop across all its applications.

Connected to this is its 16GBs of DDR5 memory, a better performing form of memory compared to DDR4 and you’ll be running applications not only faster, but with better and more consistent performance too. This is emphasised by the inclusion of the 1TB NVMe SSD which not only gives you a chunk of space to store games and various programs and files, but also will continue the fast speed already presented with the CPU and memory.

When it comes to the graphics card, this laptop brings with it the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060, opening up high-end performance when it comes to the graphical capability of certain games, including features such as ray tracing. For gaming on a portable PC, this is more than enough and – paired with the 15.6-inch screen that outputs an up to 1440p picture, with a refresh rate of 165Hz when V-Sync is enabled, you’ll be able to play a ton of games at a buttery smooth frame rate and great picture quality.

As for the miscellaneous-but-certainly-still-important aspects, this laptop also has an RGB backlight for the keyboard, ensuring it not only looks good, but also supplies some utility if playing games in a darker-lit environment. A component with a more inherently-practical use is the 84-blade Arc Flow Fans that will ensure the device stays cool, a necessity considering the raw power of this machine. Plus, this laptop boasts an extensive battery life of up to 12 hours when you’re not gaming, allowing it to be used for long periods between gaming sessions.

Finally, this laptop has a few different types of connections available including HDMI, headphone and microphone jacks and USB 3.2 ports that support Type-C USB connections.

If you’re on the hunt for more deals as we had toward Black Friday, be sure to check out our main hub for all the upcoming and early deals we’ve found, and also swing on by to our Jelly Deals Twitter page for an even further array of various deals spanning games, tech and more.

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