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Samsung's premium PRO 980 1TB SSD is under £80 during Prime's Early Access sale

A great PC or PS5 upgrade.

Upgrading your PC storage from a traditional spinning hard drive or even a SATA SSD is one of the biggest changes you can make. What's better is that the latest Gen 4 SSDs not only offer unparalleled speeds, but also make the perfect solution to adding extra storage to PlayStation 5 consoles.

Samsung are one of the most reliable makers of storage devices, and their PRO line of products offer great speed and reliability that is hard to match. During this Prime Early Access sale event at Amazon, the PRO 980 1TB NVMe drive in this line is available for £118.85. However, to sweeten the deal, Samsung are offering cashback on their SSD purchases, including the PRO 980. This brings the price down for this particular model to just £78.85, an incredible bargain for a 1TB drive at these fast speeds. If you're after something bigger, the 2TB drive is down to just £141.87 after an £80 cashback.

Although most PC games work fine being loaded from hard drives or slower SATA SSDs, the loading speeds offered by NVMe drives will save you so much time, especially with big gaming worlds such as GTA V, The Witcher 3 or Death Stranding. And, as mentioned, this drive is perfect for upgrading your PS5's internal storage. The console doesn't come with a great deal of storage, particularly given games such as Call of Duty can reach (or exceed) 100GB. With this extra 1TB Samsung drive, you can save yourself the hassle of storing and swapping games on an external USB drive.

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