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Sam & Max for retail

JoWooD grabs series by ears.

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JoWooD's revealed it will be boxing all six Sam & Max games in one handy package for retail consumption this August.

The games, developed by Telltale, follow rampant rabbit and detective dog on all sorts of wacky point-and-click adventures, from investigating former child stars of the Soda Poppers TV show, to infiltrating the ranks of the Toy Mafia to rescue a police informant.

"We are excited about working with Telltale," said Ablert Seidl, JoWooD's head honcho. "Sam & Max is a strong franchise and fans across Europe, and the world over, are highly anticipating Sam & Max: Season 1."

"The worldwide retail release will allow us to bring Sam & Max to a wider audience since the game will be available in the five main languages."

Unfortunately JoWooD was unavailable to comment on just how much we might be paying for the game in August.

Episodes one-to-four are currently available (in English) from the Telltale Game's website. Each one costs just EUR 6.93, or you can grab the whole set - which includes future releases - for 27 Euro-bob.

Two more games are planned to complete the series, Reality 2.0 in April, and the finale in May.

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