Sam & Max Episode 105: Reality 2.0

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16th February 2007

Sam & Max 4 details

4th December 2006

New Sam & Max details

5th October 2006

Sam & Max pricing details

16th May 2006

New Sam & Max trailer

11th November 2005

Sam and Max site launches

Telltale has new episodic series for E3

Graphs going up with 1 million sales so far.

Telltale Inc. plans to unveil a new adventure series at E3, following the million-episode-selling success of Sam & Max, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People and Wallace and Gromit.

Sam & Max Season 1 finale

Bright Side of the Moon.

Telltale Games has revealed details of the sixth Sam & Max crime-caper that will bring the first season of episodic games to an end.

Sam & Max Episode 5: Reality 2.0

Sam & Max Episode 5: Reality 2.0

Officially better than real life.

When Telltale kicked off its mini-journey into episodic gaming, we somewhat naively expected a concentrated dose of comic genius to fall into our lap every month. Steve Coogan fans will understand - it's a bit like that feeling whenever he brings back Alan Partridge for another series. There are moments of absolute peerless brilliance, but also moments that makes you cringe a little bit for all the wrong reasons. Some bits just aren't (whisper it) funny, and, so far, the Sam & Max episodes suffer from the same inconsistencies.

It's not Sam & Max that are the problem. Telltale might well be re-telling the same old detective dog and psychotic rabbit jokes from 1993, but it's a dynamic that just works. And what's more, the voice actors completely nail it, with a script that's every bit as good as any comedy adventure game every made. I'd pay my money just to click through every branch of every dialogue tree, because somewhere along the line the wry duo will come out with something so inspired that it'll brighten up my entire day.

And then I'll stumble into Bosco's again and have to listen to his latest unfunny paranoid ramblings in a terrible accent, find out that I have to raise an absurd amount of money to get some weapon or other from him, and wander off to Sybil's. And, once there, I'll discover (shock) that she's got a different vocation that's she's unhappy with in some way. And then, with any luck, I'll solve some sort of rudimentary puzzle to finally move on to an all-new part of the game where I might get to meet some more interesting characters.

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Sam & Max episode 5 dated

Reality 2.0 in April.

The fifth crime-caper in the Sam & Max series will be available in Europe on 12th April, although those of you in North America and Canada will be able to get it via GameTap on 29th March.

Telltale CEO Dan Connors fully expects the episodic Sam & Max adventure series to continue into a second series, and has confirmed that the developer is working on games for Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii - and aims to produce for all three next-gen consoles.

Sam & Max for retail

JoWooD grabs series by ears.

JoWooD's revealed it will be boxing all six Sam & Max games in one handy package for retail consumption this August.

Sam & Max for XBLA?

Telltale "evaluating new platforms".

Telltale has admitted it would "look closely" at releasing a potential Sam & Max project via Live Arcade.

Sam & Max 4 details

Sam & Max 4 details

Kill the president in March.

We've always wanted to kill Abe Lincoln, which is why we're grinning like drunken park-bench inhabitants this morning at news that Sam & Max Episode 4 will be released on 8th March.

In a similar deal to previous instalments, the game will go live on GameTap first (22nd March), then become available from the Telltale Store for US$ 8.95 - about four and a half potatoes in real money.

Sam & Max Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die once again rejoins detective dog and rampant rabbit as they ship off to Washington to take care of a doolally president. It's down to you to sort the old bean out, whilst dealing with uprising powers intent on exploiting the man's weakness.

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Sam & Max Ep 3 available

It'sa meatballi ona me facey.

Much like an Italian mobster wobbling a flabby paunch down to the local family deli, you can head over to the Telltale Store and get yourself Sam & Max: Episode 3: The Mole, The Mob, and The Meatball.

Sam & Max Episode 2 launches

Sam & Max Episode 2 launches

Demo and full game available.

The second episode of the new Sam & Max series is now available for GBP 4.60 (EUR 6.88) from the game's website, along with a free trial version.

The demo weighs in at 71MB and contains the entire episode's content, unlockable by purchasing a licence key online.

Situation: Comedy tells the story of a talk show host who's gone berserk and is now holding her unsuspecting audience hostage. Detective dog and rampant rabbit are called in to find out why, but first they'll have to prove that they're worthy of the limelight if they want to gain access to the stage.

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New Sam & Max details

New Sam & Max details

Episode 2 named, detailed.

Sam & Max's second episodic return will be called "Situation: Comedy", according to developer Telltale Games, and you can expect to buy it on 5th January.

That's if you're using the developer's official website, of course - if you're using GameTap instead, you can grab it from 21st December.

For more on the new episode, be sure to hit the episode two website, where you can also read the following blurb, which we're reprinting here in case there aren't enough paragraphs:

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Sam & Max on general release

With demo version available.

The first instalment in Telltale Games' episodic revival of LucasArts' adventure classic Sam & Max is now available to download and buy on the developer's website.

Sam & Max pricing details

Sam & Max pricing details

9 dollars per episode.

Individual episodes in Telltale's first "season" of Sam & Max will cost just US$ 8.95, the developer announced this week - with all six available for US$ 34.95.

As previously announced, Telltale's done a deal with digital distribution company GameTap, meaning that the first episode, Culture Shock, will debut there on 17th October before it's made available at Telltale's website on 1st November.

After that, the other five episodes will follow at monthly intervals, each enjoying 15 days of GameTap exclusivity.

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Want Sam & Max for Wii?

Then email Nintendo -Telltale

Telltale Studios is inviting fans to write letters and emails trying to get Nintendo interested in a Sam & Max game for Wii.

Sam & Max return next month

Episode 1 is nearly here.

The long-awaited return of cult adventuring duo Sam & Max is only just over a month away, with the first of six planned episodes nearly ready for download.

New Sam & Max trailer

New Sam & Max trailer

First ep's due out by Xmas.

Telltale Games has announced that the first episode in the new Sam & Max series will be making its debut in time for Christmas.

And to celebrate, they've released a new trailer - it's available for viewing right now over on Eurogamer TV.

It's been a long time since S&M's last point and click adventure - more than a decade, in fact. Little is known about the new title, other than the fact that it'll be released in the form of a series of episodes via GameTap and is nothing to do with the Sam & Max project that LucasArts pulled the plug on just over two years ago. Here's hoping we'll get some new info soon...

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Sam and Max site launches

Sam and Max site launches

The game's out next year.

Telltale Games has launched a website to promote the new Sam & Max game that's currently in development.

It features a concept pic of the daring duo and some answers to some FAQs, along with a link to the new S&M message board.

Probably the best news for fans of the classic point and click adventure is that series creator Steve Purcell will be working closely with the development team: "Sam & Max are very near and dear to Steve, so he will be very involved in the projects," the website states.

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New Sam and Max game

Confirmed by Telltale.

Telltale Games has confirmed to Eurogamer that a new Sam & Max game is currently in development.

Sam & Max to return?

Creator retains character rights.

In a recent interview at Gamesutra, Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell (currently working for film animation studio Pixar) expressed that he would like to get back into games development: "Would I get back into games? Sure. The [Sam & Max] license is back in my hands now so we'll see what happens in the near future."