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Saints Row 3 pre-orders double SR2

Plus, season pass, microtransactions outed.

Saints Row: The Third pre-orders are pacing well ahead of its predecessor, publisher THQ has announced.

CEO Brian Farrell told investors today that pre-orders for the game are currently double what they were for Saints Row 2 at a comparable point in the game's lifecycle.

"We think with another couple of weeks we'll surpass the pre-orders for Saint's Row 2 and we're still 15 weeks from launch," he added.

Farrell also laid out THQ's ambitious post-launch strategy for the OTT crime epic, stating that it hoped to pull in "20 per cent additional revenue" from digital add-ons.

"Saints Row's digital ecosystem will contain the most comprehensive suite of digital content across our portfolio, including a season pass, microstransactions, planned DLC offerings for nearly a year post launch, game add-ons, consumables and an in-game store," he promised.

The Volition-developed sequel is due out on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 from 18th November. Our Saints Row: The Third preview has all the details.

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