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Röki Loot locations: Where to find every collectable in Röki

How to complete the loot page in Tove's journal.

Loot are collectable items that you can find throughout the magical world of Röki.

Each loot item you find will be sellotaped into Tove's journal in the Loot section. Here you'll be able to discover which loot items you're missing and look back at the other weird objects you're managed to collect - from snot to medallions.

Loot, however, can be very hard to spot in Röki, which means you need to explore every area carefully to avoid missing an item.

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Loot and how to find it in Röki explained

Loot in Röki is a collection of small items that you can find on Tove's journey, which, once found, is added to the Loot section in her journal.

The issue, however, is that the majority of these items are rather small and are often placed in hard to see places. Each one will illuminate when you flash for interactable objects, but that flash might be so small that you miss it.

Due to this, it's a good idea to use the 'Flash for interactable objects' function multiple times in each area, checking the ground carefully, so that you don't miss a single item.

It's also important to note that once you've completed a Chapter in Röki, you'll be unable to return to the area located within it. This means that you need to collect all of the Loot items before moving on. Otherwise, you'll have to start a new game to collect them all.

There are also a number of loot items, especially in Home Time (Chapter One), that can only be accessed at specific points in the game and, if you miss that moment, you miss your chance to collect that loot item.

Röki loot organised by journal page

Below you can find all the loot you can find in Röki organised by the journal page it appears on:

Page One

  • Unusual Moth
  • Grandpa's Military Badge
  • Snowdrop Stem
  • Origami Wolf
  • Ancient Fishing Lure
  • My School Report Card

Page Two

  • Dried Troll Snot
  • Discarded Chrysalis
  • Egg Shell Pieces
  • Carved Wooden Feather
  • Beetle Shell
  • Carved Bark

Page Three

  • Bone Jewellery
  • Old Stitching Sample
  • Shedded Snake Skin
  • Scrying Stones
  • Dragonfly Larva Husk
  • Very Sharp Talon

Page Four

  • Tomte Hat
  • River Glass
  • Carved Metal Pendant
  • Clump of Fur
  • Ribbon
  • Leaf Skeleton

Page Five

  • Star Chart Fragment
  • Shedded Newt's Tail
  • Very Dry Frog
  • Open Owl Pellet
  • Tiny Älva Shoe
  • Ancient Arrow Head

Page Six

  • Unfinished Raven Emblem
  • Old Carabiner
  • Frozen Rat's Tail
  • Straw Doll
  • Fancy Medallion
  • Unusual Lichen

Page Seven

  • Studded Eyepatch
  • Lucky Playing Card
  • Intricate Brooch
  • Wax Seal
  • Decorative Knot
  • Ancient Dried Fish

Page Eight

  • Old Spindle Whorl
  • Coin Purse
  • Silver Spoon
  • Glowing Gem
  • Huge Toenail Clipping
  • Torn Piece of Flag
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Chapter 1 loot locations in Röki explained

There are five loot items to be found in Home Time - the first chapter of Röki.

A number of these items can only be collected at a specific point in the game, so, if you forget to pick them up, you'll have to start a new game if you want to complete the loot collection in Tove's journal.

Snowdrop Stem

The Snowdrop Stem is located in the very first area you visit in Röki - Overlook Lake - and can be found in the middle of the path, just before you cross the bridge.

You must pick this flower up when you first see it, because you will not be able to return for it later.

Unusual Moth

The Unusual Moth is located outside 'Castle Jakobsen', which is what Tove calls her home; you can find it sitting on the window to the left-hand side of the front door.

It's a good idea to collect the Unusual Moth before you first enter the house.

Grandpa's Military Badge

You can find the Grandpa's Military Badge on the floor near the ladder in Lars and Tove's bedroom in 'Castle Jakobsen.'

Make sure you collect Grandpa's Military Badge before you read Lars his bedtime story.

Origami Wolf

You can only collect the Origami Wolf once the mysterious monster has begun to attack the house.

It will appear on the floor of the downstairs room in 'Castle Jakobsen' once you've escaped Lars and Tove's bedroom near a pile of broken floorboards.

You must pick up the Origami Wolf before you do anything else in this area, otherwise you'll be unable to add it to your collection.

My School Report Card

My School Report Card can be found in the basement of 'Castle Jakobsen' on top of the cardboard box directly to the left of the stairs.

If you want to collect this loot item, you must do so before you escape the basement.

Chapter 2 loot locations in Röki explained

There are 24 loot items to be found in The Deep Forest - the second chapter of Röki.

Ancient Fishing Lure

To find the Ancient Fishing Lure head towards the lake in the Portal Clearing and, once you're at the shoreline, head to the right.

This will lead to a close up view of the rocks by the lake's edge and here you'll find the Ancient Fishing Lure poking out of the sand next to the largest rock.

Discarded Chrysalis

The Discarded Chrysalis is located to the left of Trollhilde's bridge in, well, Trollhilde's Bridge.

To find this loot item, cross the titular bridge and head to the tree next to the first raven carvings. Here you'll find the Discarded Chrysalis on the left hand side of this tree.

Carved Wooden Feather

The Carved Wooden Feather can be found on the top floor of the Sunken Cabin.

It's located behind the bed and you can just see the tip of the Carved Wooden Feather sticking out from behind the bed frame.

Egg Shell Pieces

To find the Egg Shell Pieces head inside the small building next to the Forgotten Church and look in the bottom right-hand corner.

Beetle Shell

The Beetle Shell is located inside the Forgotten Church.

To find it you should first stand on the memorial with a circle carved upon it, before walking directly north, until you reach the wall.

Here you'll be able to find the little Beetle Shell on the floor.

Dried Troll Snot

The Dried Troll Snot is one of the easiest loot items to find.

Simply head into Trollhilde's cave once you've helped her and the Dried Troll Snot is the bright green blob on the wall to the left of Trollhilde.

Carved Bark

The Carved Bark is located outside the entrance of the Yule Cat's Burrow.

You can find it by looking at the two mushrooms, which sit outside the burrows entrance, and then interacting with the small brown object to the left of these mushrooms.

Bone Jewellery

To find the Bone Jewellery head to where the Yule Cat sits within his burrow.

On the left-hand side of the Yule Cat's platform you'll see a small white object - this is the Bone Jewellery.

Shedded Snake Skin

The Shredded Snake Skin is located inside the home of Trollhude.

To find it, you'll want to run up straight to Trollhude's desk and, when you flash for interactables, you'll be able to see the snake skin finding behind the wooden statue on the floor next to the pink flowers.

Old Stitching Sample

The Old Stitching Sample is located in the basement of the Broken Mill. To reach this loot item, however, you first need to have the Tomte fix the mill.

Once he's done so, you'll be able to walk past the mortar stone and up to the wooden beam where, in the bottom-right hand corner, the Old Stitching Sample sits.

Dragonfly Larva Husk

To find the Dragonfly Larva Husk, head to the pond in the Poisoned Forest, which has a number of rocks with blue mushrooms sitting on it's shoreline.

Head towards these rocks and, on the one with spots of snow, you'll be able to find the Dragonfly Larva Husk.

Scrying Stones

You can find the Scrying Stones in the Cave of Potions on the bottom shelf directly behind the cauldron.

Tomte Hat

The Tomte Hat is hidden away in the Cobwebbed Crypts.

You can find it by heading into the left-hand side of the crypt and then following the corridor along until you reach the end.

Once there, look at the ground by the final pillar and you'll be able to see, especially if you flash for interactables, the Tomte Hat.

Leaf Skeleton

To find the Leaf Skeleton you must complete the first puzzle in the Wolf Ruins.

Doing so will allow you to gain access to the second puzzle - the star constellation puzzle - and the Leaf Skeleton, which is located at the bottom of the path that leads to the next set of doors in this area.

River Glass

You can find the River Glass on the floor to the right-hand side of the Fossegrim's pool in the Fossegrim's Cavern.

Carved Metal Pendant

The Carved Metal Pendant is located on the far side of the Siren Pool.


You'll be able to find the Ribbon in the wardrobe of the Nokken's cave.

All you have to do is pick the Sopor Lily, so that the Nokken drags you beneath the waves, and then make your way over to the left side of the cavern by dropping the teddy in the water. Once you've done that, you can open the wardrobe and retrieve the Ribbon.

Clump of Fur

Enter the cave that is to the right of the Siren Pool and then, once inside, head to the far end of this cavern. There you'll find the Clump of Fur sitting amongst some bones.

Star Chart Fragment

To find the Star Chart Fragment you must access the bear shrine by solving the puzzle in the Cobwebbed Crypts.

Once there head across the room to the right, towards the second set of stairs. You'll find the Star Chart Fragment hidden away in a crack in the wall by these stairs.

Very Sharp Talon

The Very Sharp Talon is found on the same ledge where you find the Ram Skull for the main storyline of Röki at the Mountain Plateau.

The Very Sharp Talon lies between the bird's nest and the edge of the ledge.

Very Dry Frog

To find the Very Dry Frog you must first tell the Nokken at Siren Pond its true name and then, using the flute that was enchanted by the Fossegrim, move the water to re-enter the Nokken's cave.

Doing this will create a tunnel that you can follow back to the area where the Nokken trapped you earlier. This time, however, you'll be able to explore the area that was previously underwater, which is also where the Very Dry Frog is located.

Run to the very end of this area and you'll find the Very Dry Frog sitting atop a rock in this location.

Open Owl Pellet

Once you've freed the captured Älva in the Poisoned Forest, head up the hill to your left and then walk across the now enlarged mushroom.

Now look on the ground between the tree behind the enlarged mushroom and the Älva house with a washing line - you should be able to see, and pick up, the Open Owl Pellet.

Shedded Newt's Tail

To find the Shedded Newt's Tail, you must have the The Mask of Non-Appearance, the The False-Face of Re-Appearing and the Älva wand. With all three in hand, head through the doorway in the far-right corner of the main Poisoned Forest area.

Once in this area, use the Älva wand to grow the mushrooms, so that you can reach the hill that was previously inaccessible. You can then find the Shedded Newt's Tail amongst the tree roots.

Tiny Älva Shoe

You can find the Tiny Älva Shoe once you've helped create The False-Face of Re-Appearing.

Once you have this mask, head to where the Stag Guardian sleeps and wear it to make a series of mushroom platforms appear on the right-hand side of the staircase.

Venture onto this platform and you'll find the Tiny Älva Shoe sitting on one of the mushrooms.

Chapter 3 loot locations in Röki explained

There are 19 loot items to be found in The Raven Castle - chapter three of Röki.

It's important to note that, in this chapter, you can find loot items as either Tove or Henrik, so make sure you search each area carefully.

Ancient Arrow Head

You can find the Ancient Arrow Head at the Castle Gate while playing as Tove. Simply look behind the stag and bear statues to the left of the gate to find it lying on the ground.

Unfinished Raven Emblem

To find the Unfinished Raven Emblem, you need to turn left immediately upon entering the Shrieking Courtyard as Tove. You only need to take a couple of careful steps to find this loot item on the ground.

Old Carabiner

You can find the Old Carabiner in the Shrieking Courtyard while playing as Henrik.

Head to the top-right hand corner of the further part of the courtyard and, on the steps in this area, you'll find the Old Carabiner.

Fancy Medallion

To find the Fancy Medallion you need to ensure that you're playing as Henrik and have access to the Dungeons.

Once both of those conditions have been met, you'll want to enter the Dungeons as Henrik and then take the right-hand staircase.

After that you'll want to head towards the bench that sits outside of the cell and take the Fancy Medallion that is hanging off it.

Frozen Rat's Tail

To find the Frozen's Rat Tail you must first, as Henrik, widen the gaps in the bars of the cells in the left-hand side of the dungeons.

Next, as Tove, you need to enter the cell that is furthest from the staircase and you pick up the Frozen Rat's Tail that lies near the raven skull.

Straw Doll

To find the Straw Doll interact with the dead crow monster as Tove in the courtyard with the Wolf Sundial. It's skull will fall off, but you'll be able to take the Straw Doll out of its hands.

Lucky Playing Card

To find the Lucky Playing Card, head up the stairs to the right of the Wolf Sundial as Henrik. Once you're on this second level, investigate the second rubble pile to your left to find the Lucky Playing Card.

Intricate Brooch

As Tove, climb the staircase that leads from the Lonely Tree to the Eastern Ramparts and, when you're at the top of these stairs, turn to your right, towards the deadend.

You'll find the Intricate Brooch on the ground near the end of these battlements.

Wax Seal

The Wax Seal is located in the bottom-right hand corner of the east tower for the Raven Gate, which you gain access via the Eastern Ramparts. You must be playing as Tove to find it.

Studded Eyepatch

To find the Studded Eyepatch climb up to the Western Ramparts from the Raven Gate while playing as Tove. You'll then want to enter the western tower, which will be on your right, and you'll find the Studded Eyepatch on the floor close to the door.

Ancient Dried Fish

You can find the Ancient Dried Fish while playing as Henrik when you first enter the room lying between the Supply Courtyard and the Great Hall.

The Ancient Dried Fish is located in front of the bottom-right hand moveable floorboard.

Old Spindle Whorl

The Old Spindle Whorl is located in the basement of the room that lies between the Great Hall and the Supply Courtyard; to retrieve it you need to utilise both Tove and Henrik.

First, as Henrik, hold up the floorboard in the top-left hand corner. Once you've done that, switch over to Tove and you can find the Old Spindle Whorl on the sheet that has been illuminated by light.

Coin Purse

Once you've solved the torch puzzle to gain access to the Great Hall as Henril, enter the room on the left, which contains the stag banner. There, to the right of the ladder, you'll find the Coin Purse.

Decorative Knot

After reaching the Great Hall for the first time, make sure you're playing as Tove and backtrack to the Supply Courtyard by taking Henrik's route. Doing so will bring you to the left-side of the slosh gate, which was previously inaccessible for Tove.

Here, on the battlements, you'll find the Decorative Knot.

Silver Spoon

The Silver Spoon is located in Henrik's version of the Great Hall next to the upturned bowel beneath the table.

Unusual Lichen

You can find the Unusual Lichen on the Western Ramparts while playing as Henrik. Simply head to the destroyed tower containing the wolf relief stone and collect the green goop that is on a rock nearby.

Glowing Gem

Once you've solved the Wolf Sundial puzzle, head down the secret staircase and follow the tunnel, until you reach a bear statue. In the hands of that statue, you'll find the Glowing Gem.

Torn Piece of Flag

The Torn Piece of Flag is the final loot item you'll find playing as Henrik and to find it you need to reach the halfway point on the grand staircase leading to the Raven Tower.

When you reach this landing area, you need to head to your right, past the expedition note and into the remains of a tower. There, hidden between two rocks on the right-hand side, you'll find the Torn Piece of Flag.

Huge Toenail Clipping

This is the final loot item that you'll find as Tove and it's located at the top of the grand staircase leading to the Raven Tower.

Immediately head to your left when you reach the top and you'll find the Huge Toenail Clipping amongst the broken cage.

Good luck completing your loot collection in Röki!

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