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Ex-Guerilla devs' atmospheric "contemporary fairytale" Röki resurfaces in new trailer

Ahead of a proper unveiling at E3.

Developer Polygon Treehouse's "dark and contemporary fairytale" Röki has resurfaced with a brand-new trailer ahead of a more thorough showing at this year's E3.

Polygon Treehouse, which was founded by former Guerilla Cambridge art directors Tom Jones and Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou, first unveiled Röki back in 2017, a few short months after the Sony studio's closure. Two years on, the atmospheric adventure has progressed enough that it's ready for the spotlight at E3.

Before that, however, there's a brand-new trailer, offering a first look at the striking Röki in action. It sees the beautiful concept work first seen in 2017 now more fully realised in-game, with much of the video's run-time spent lingering on the gorgeous landscape, inspired by the Scandinavian wilderness, as protagonist Tove embarks on her quest to save her family.

Polygon Treehouse calls Röki a game of "adventure, courage, and folklore", and promises a blend of narrative-driven exploration and puzzling as Tove journeys forth across the chilly environs - home to monsters "that shouldn't exist, but do".

There's no hint at which platforms Röki will eventually arrive on just yet, but it's likely more concrete details will emerge during next week's E3.

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