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Rogue Legacy due this month on Xbox One

Gene pool party.

Quasi roguelike action-platformer Rogue Legacy is coming to Xbox One on 27th May, developer Cellar Door Games has announced.

The refreshing twist on the formula lets players begin each round choosing from one of three randomly-generated characters, each with their own genetic defects and skills. Some are dwarfs, others are giants. Some are near-sighted wherein everything in the distance is blurred out, others are far-sighted and experience the opposite. OCD gives players a magic point bonus for every object they break, while ADHD increases speed and vertigo flips everything on the screen horizontally.

Throughout your journeys you collect money, which can be used to increase the skills and equipment for your next of kin. After dozens, maybe hundreds, of generations, you'll hopefully be able to vanquish the evil plaguing the region.

Our Chris Donlan recommended Rogue Legacy upon its initial PC release. "Canny enough to keep you hooked, but sufficiently honest to throw in something a little more nourishing too, the genetics are pretty strong with this one," he wrote in his Rogue Legacy review.

Rogue Legacy is also available on PS4, PS3, Vita, PC, Mac and Linux.

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