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Rise of the Tomb Raider demo now available on Xbox One

Tomb me, to you.

Xbox One owners who haven't already picked up timed-exclusive adventure Rise of the Tomb Raider can now get a free trial of the game.

Microsoft just released a Rise of the Tomb Raider demo this morning.

The download weighs in at 21GB, so maybe set it downloading now.

Rise of the Tomb Raider director Brian Horton recently said Microsoft and Square Enix were both "very happy" with the game, despite suggestions its sales had unsurprisingly suffered from launching as a Xbox exclusive.

"Microsoft and Square are very happy with Rise and the dev team, thanks for the concerns," Horton noted. "Crystal and Eidos Montreal made a game we are proud of and we appreciate the overwhelming number of positive reviews and fan feedback.

"The dev team is not responsible for sales and therefore we look to reviews and releasing on time to gauge our performance," he concluded.

Cover image for YouTube videoRise of the tomb raider - ultra violent gameplay trailer - Gamescom 2015