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RimWorld: Console Edition comes to PS4 and Xbox One in July

Royalty expansion available from day one.

RimWorld, developer Ludeon Studios' widely acclaimed sci-fi colony sim, will finally be making the jump to consoles - some three and a half years after its full PC release - on 29th July.

RimWorld has, of course, made quite the mark on PC since its early access arrival all the way back in 2013 - partly for its wonderfully rich blend of management sim action and procedural storytelling, but equally for the way its complex systems can quickly tumble into outright debauchery, ranging from drug-fuelled cannibalism to non-consensual body harvesting.

Word that a console version of RimWorld was finally on the way arrived in March, although notably not through official channels. Instead, the port - being handled by Double Eleven Limited, which has previously helped port the likes of Minecraft Dungeons and Rust to consoles - hit headlines when it was listed as having been refused classification in Australia.

RimWorld Console Edition - Pre-Order Announcement Trailer.Watch on YouTube

With that particular hurdle now cleared after a successful appeal, though, Ludeon Studios is finally ready to unleash RimWorld: Console Edition upon the world, with creator Tynan Sylvester confirming a 29th July launch date for Xbox and PlayStation over on Twitter.

An accompanying post on the PlayStation Blog has also shed a little more light on the console port, promising extensive optimisations, an intuitive interface "which doesn’t lose its rich detail and functionality", and controller support designed so that "everything is quickly accessible with simple inputs, creating a quick, smooth and intuitive experience."

RimWorld: Console Edition releases for PS4 and Xbox One on 29th July, and it'll launch alongside a Digital Deluxe Edition including three days early access and RimWorld's Royalty DLC. The latter will also be available to purchase separately from day one.

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