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Rez heading to XBLA

Q-ing up for early 2008.

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Q Entertainment will be bringing Rez to Xbox Live Arcade in Q1 2008, the developer announced earlier today.

The game will be a direct port of the PS2 and Dreamcast original, but will be updated with HD visuals and 5.1 surround sound.

You can check out screenshots in our Rez HD screenshot gallery.

"Personally, Rez has been and will always be a lifelong concept," creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi explained.

"I hope to take what I learned from the experience of creating the original game and look forward to taking it to a whole new level in the future."

The original Rez was a delightful blend of 3D shoot-'em-up, abstract visuals and music that changed as you strung attacks together. As players navigated each of its five levels, the music would build up to crescendo.

It's also famous for launching on PS2 with a "Trance Vibrator" USB peripheral, which rose to particular infamy thanks to some graphic Internet coverage.

More on Rez HD (working title) is promised soon.

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