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Rez soundtrack's missing tune finally released

Fear is the mind killer.

Rez's soundtrack is often considered a thing of legend... with one exception: the Area 5 theme "Fear" (or "Mind Killer" as it's commonly referred to) is not the same version of the song that's in the game. Thankfully, Rez superfan and audio aficionado GO-GO-GST has managed to reconstruct composer Adam Freeland's long-lost tune.

For the uninitiated, 'Fear is the mind killer' is a quote from Dune.

"This Freeland track has seen many incarnations, but the in-game version of the tune has never seen a release, possibly due to the fact that the sample of California Soul may in fact have been uncleared at the time of its use in Rez," GO-GO-GST explained in their blog post about this release. "Knowing this, I've decided to rip all of Rez's sound data and resequence the song in what feels like a proper order."

GO-GO-GST noted that this track "doesn't stay true to the 10-plus minute long Area 5 sequence exactly in an effort to be more enjoyable outside of the game's environment and more as a standalone track."

In another game, altering a soundtrack's tune may be considered heresy, but it makes sense in Rez as so much of the tracks are contingent upon the musical sound effects emitted from the player.

"It's still over five minutes long and covers all of the thematic elements covered in the Rez version of the song, including the memorable California Soul sample," GO-GO-GST added.

You can listen to and download GO-GO-GST's rendition of Mind Killer here. (Thanks to Attract Mode for the head's up!)