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Return to Monkey Island launches on console first via Nintendo Switch

Shiver me timbers.

Ron Gilbert's latest foray into the swashbuckling world of Guybrush Threepwood and co is going to be making its way to the Nintendo Switch as well as PC.

Return to Monkey Island is slated to release sometime this year, and come to consoles first via Nintendo Switch. We have been given some nice titbits of information about its upcoming release, including that it will be starting off at an amusement park (where Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge concluded), but the team has been keeping its cards close to its chest in terms of story and trailer reveals. Well, that was until now.

Today's Nintendo Direct, gave us our first look at some of the game's action, including piratical sword fights, explosive nautical combat, and what appears to be Guybrush in some kind of court (bodes well!). We also got to see some returning faces such as Elaine Marley, LeChuck, Murray the talking skull and Wally (to name but a few).

Set sail for adventure with Guybrush Threepwood in Return to Monkey Island.Watch on YouTube

Gilbert is introducing a new hint system to Return to Monkey Island, with the creator saying "if [players] don't have a built-in hint system, they're just going to jump over to the web and... read a walkthrough"

Gilbert has previously admitted, "[there was] a lot of stuff that we did [during the production of The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island: LeChuck's Revenge] and didn't think much about--a lot of very obscure puzzles." One such puzzle was the infamous Monkey Wrench head scratcher from LeChuck's Revenge, something that Gilbert and fellow Monkey Island developer Dave Grossman call "not a good design on several levels".

Meanwhile, Gilbert has defended the decision to change the series' art style in Return to Monkey Island, simply saying it is what he wants.

"A team of incredible artists, animators, sound designers, programmers, and testers all pouring their souls into this game and it's beautiful to see, play, and listen to," he stated in a candid post to his readers.

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