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Foolish Mortals is a Monkey Island-like point and click adventure with a free demo on Steam

A chimp off the old block.

I recently got word there was a Monkey Island-like game in the works. This in itself is not exactly unusual - point and click games have always been around, even if they are not as prevalent as they once were.

But this Monkey Island-like game has something else going for it that made my ears prick up. Not only is it described as a "merry and macabre point and click adventure game" by its developers, but it also happens to have Jonathan Ackley (Curse of Monkey Island's co-director) giving it his seal of approval. Colour me interested!

The game in question is Foolish Mortals, and it comes from the minds at Inklingwood Studios - you can see a teaser for it below. Heavily inspired by the Monkey Island series, this game takes place in an exotic locale and, as luck would have it, there is a demo for it available right now on Steam. So, of course, I headed on over to give this upcoming release a whirl.

Foolish Mortals has a demo out on Steam.

At the start of the demo for Foolish Mortals we meet a young treasure hunter by the name of Murphy McCallan (although, he has clearly already made a good start on his endeavours at the demo's beginning - more on that in a moment).

We soon learn that McCallan has only recently arrived on the game's fictional island of Devil's Rock, with the intent of finding its missing treasure. Does this all sound somewhat familiar, perchance? Well, it is about to ring even more bells, as there is even a mysterious Witch Doctor on the island who specialises in voodoo that helps McCallan on his quest.

After kicking off the demo by conversing with the Witch Doctor about the task at hand, I set off with McCallan to explore this new island I found myself on. Obviously, with this being just the demo, there were some areas of the map I was unable to explore right now, but even so there was still plenty to sink my teeth into.

The map of Devil's Rock, with plenty of locations to discover.

As I made my way around Devil's Rock I met a host of NPCs. They all gave me a little more information about the mysterious events that took place on the island many years ago.

During these conversations, McCallan was as self-deprecating (even if not quite as charming) as a certain mighty pirate by the name of Guybrush Threepwood. But regardless of effortless charm or not, Foolish Mortals' influences were more than apparent in the back-and-forths between characters.

Something I especially enjoyed here was the slightly sinister undertone to every conversation. The grave keeper in particular made my more macabre, yet still light-hearted self chuckle.

At one point he asked me not to dig up his graveyard... I immediately wanted to dig up his graveyard.

As for the puzzles in this pleasantly ambient world, they reminded me directly of the Monkey Island series. Trying to get into the game's Captain's Club, for example, was almost exactly the same as trying to get into the exclusive Brimstone Beach Club and Smorgy in Curse.

Naive, simple and unsophistictaed? Sounds endearingly familiar.

I won't give any more away right now, as I don't want to spoil the Foolish Mortals demo for you. I will say, however, that it ends on a rather delicious cliffhanger, and I am keen to play on some more.

Admittedly, the puzzles in Foolish Mortals are not (as yet - this is of course still early days) as head-scratching as those from other point-and-click adventures, but combined with the game's setting and overall tone they are engaging enough to lure me back on its full release if the price is right.

It is almost like the developer knew what it was doing ending the demo here!

In the meantime, the Foolish Mortals team has a Kickstarter for the game if you'd like to support their vision. The project has already surpassed its original goal, but with more support the developers will add in extra little treats for fellow puzzle adventure fans.

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