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Resogun is coming to Vita and PS3 this month

UPDATE: New PS4-exclusive DLC announced. Lets you play as a human.

UPDATE 5/12/2014 6.30pm: Resogun's upcoming PS4 expansion, Resogun: Defenders, has been officially unveiled.

It will feature two all-new game modes entitled Protector and Commando, along with new ships and stages.

The Commando Mode has been shown off in the new trailer below, and it looks like a game-changer in the sense that you now play as a human running along the bottom of the screen. Wild!

Alongside the Defenders expansion, Resogun will also be getting a free update codenamed Challengers that will add various subgoals to complete across existing game modes.

Cover image for YouTube videoRESOGUN Defenders Expansion PS4 | Exclusive to PlayStation

ORIGINAL STORY 5/12/2014 5.03pm: Resogun, Housemarque's mesmerising modern adaptation of Defender, is coming to PS3 and Vita on 17th December.

Known for being arguably the finest launch title on PS4 (or at least the best exclusive), Resogun was quite an impressive feat with its millions of voxels shimmering across the screen in all their dazzling, cubic glory.

It will be slightly less glorious on PS3 and Vita, however, as port developer Climax had to compromise the framerate by dropping it from 60 to 30. "This was a very difficult decision to consider, but a very necessary decision to allow the team to focus on what was possible and to make the best game possible for both of these platforms," XDev Studio Europe's Pedro Sousa said on the PlayStation Blog. "The framerate is locked, so you can expect a solid performance even under a big storm of voxels."

The good news is these Resogun ports will support Cross-Buy and Cross-Save across all Sony platforms, so you can enjoy Resogun on the go with all your data intact at no extra charge.

Furthermore, the Vita version will feature ad-hoc co-op and touchscreen support, should you want to map any of the game's functions to that or the rear touchpad (which you probably won't, because there's more than enough actual buttons available. But to each their own).

The developer noted that there will be news on the next expansion to the PS4 version of Resogun shortly, so stay tuned for that.

For now, check out this slightly reduced but still very pretty port in action in its debut trailer.

Cover image for YouTube videoRESOGUN blasts on to PS3 & PS Vita | Announce TRAILER