Resogun may be the secret star of the PS4 launch line-up - a shooter built with energy, precision and voxels.


FeatureWhat's next for Housemarque?

Reflecting on the success of Resogun, and the Finnish developer's future plans for PlayStation 4.

VideoWhy Resogun could be the star of the PS4 launch

Exclusive footage, Housemarque interviewed.

Digital FoundryResogun at 720p60

Full frame-rate action showing Housemarque's launch PS4 shooter at its best. We recommend Google Chrome for best quality playback.

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In the early weeks of its life, the PS3 was Super Stardust HD. That's how I remember it anyway. And when the PS4 came around, it turned out that the PS4 was Resogun. The news today that low sales have forced Housemarque, who made both these games, to declare that 'Arcade is dead' lends all of these memories a bittersweet tinge. And yet - and I mean this as the highest compliment I can come up with - it's hard to have too many emotions around games like Super Stardust and Resogun, other than panic and excitement - extreme, panoramic excitement. Bittersweet melancholy doesn't stick about for long.

Digital FoundryHow Housemarque engineered Resogun for 4K

The story behind the beautiful ultra HD PS4 Pro update.

If you own a PlayStation 4 Pro console and you've not added Resogun to your collection, you're missing out on one of the best showcase titles available for the system. Developer Housemarque has delivered a brilliant 4K presentation and vibrant HDR, while retaining a locked 60fps during gameplay. It's the same Resogun gameplay we've loved since launch, but beautifully retooled for the new generation of ultra HD displays. Essentially, it delivers the full promise of the Pro hardware where so many titles have come up just a little short.

FeatureHow Housemarque is turning to its past for its future

Eugene Jarvis, arcade cabinets and what's next for Helsinki's oldest studio.

Even if the city of Helsinki didn't have a decent claim to being the capital of video games, it's certainly got a decent shout of being where the real capital is. Rovio's success is legendary, its setbacks in recent years washed over by the phenomenal reception to the Angry Birds movie, while the recent revelation that Supercell, off the back of Clash of Clans among other titles, helped raise Finland's revenues from capital gains tax by a fifth is a wonderful illustration of the social responsibility that's endemic in the city.

Between The Swindle and Invisible, Inc, 2015 was a pretty brilliant year for thieves, so I figured that my Christmas game would be Sly 4, which I'd missed upon its release, but glimpsed in passing. A world of midnight skies and clattering over rooftops: the perfect treat for late December.

Resogun's free update adds co-op play, spaceship editor

PlayStation 4 launch title Resogun has been updated today with a helping of extra content.

The patch introduces local co-op to the game, with scores, multipliers, lives and items shared between players to allow for huge scores.

A ship editor has also been introduced, allowing you to create your own voxel-based vessels. Want to have TIE-Fighters and X-Wings in your game? Now you can.

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FeatureWhat's next for Housemarque?

Reflecting on the success of Resogun, and the Finnish developer's future plans for PlayStation 4.

It's quite possibly not meant to happen this way. A new console arrives accompanied by expensive fireworks and equipped with considerable firepower, and the one game everyone's talking about has its heart set in the corner of an 80s arcade, even if it's been dolled up in sharp voxel threads from an early 90s vision of the future. Resogun's status as the jewel in the PlayStation 4's crown might have been assisted by the less sparkling offerings elsewhere in Sony's first-party line-up, but none of that could detract from the sheer amount of style developer Housemarque had injected into its shooter.

How to score big in Resogun

Have you tried NOT saving the humans?

Resogun is an enigma. It tasks you with many goals - save the last humans, beat the level, keep up your multiplier - but it's not always clear what to focus on to topple the leaderboards. The game itself suggests that the multiplier is your main priority to achieve a high rank, and it is, but that's only scratching the surface.

PS4 looks set to break records at launch

PS4 looks set to break records at launch

But longer term, Sony faces a tough challenge.

In the moments before our interview begins proper, Andrew House tells me 2013 has been his most exciting year since joining Sony. If he's being sincere - and, given what happened at E3 this year, he may well be - 2013 should be honoured. House, the communications expert from Wales who rose through the ranks to become boss of all of Sony Computer Entertainment - was at Sony Corp when PlayStation was a mere skunkworks project 23 years ago.

He's seen it all, then, from the pioneering PSone and WipEout to the glory days of PS2 and Gran Turismo, from the tough early days of the hyper-expensive, difficult-to-develop-for PS3 to the euphoria of PS4's unveiling.

Last night, with over 300 fans waiting patiently outside the Covent Garden shop come stage come gaming arcade Sony had constructed to mark the launch of the PS4, PlayStation was buzzing. People walk briskly with clipboards and mics at the ready, setting things up, making preparations, fixing the stage for rapper Tinie Tempah's 11pm show, testing smoke machines...

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Sony finalises PS4 launch titles and prices

Sony finalises PS4 launch titles and prices

UPDATE: Blacklight: Retribution and flOw to miss EU PS4 launch.

UPDATE: Astute readers may have noticed Blacklight: Retribution and flOw don't appear anywhere on this list, despite previously having been announced as launch titles and the former being ready for the US PS4 launch a fortnight ago.

Not to worry, dear readers. There is a delay, but it shouldn't be long. "Both flOw and Blacklight have been subject to brief delays," noted SCEE Blog manager (and former Eurogamer US news editor) Fred Dutton in a comment on the PlayStation Blog. "They should be with you next week, but I will 100 per cent confirm the date as soon as possible."

There is a workaround to this for Blacklight, however. You can access Zombie Studios' free-to-play shooter by setting up a US PSN account. Eurogamer YouTube editor Ian Higton has confirmed this and has even uploaded video of him playing onto his Facebook page.

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Sony confirms December's free PlayStation Plus line-up

Sony confirms December's free PlayStation Plus line-up

GTA Liberty City! Resogun! Sonic Racing! Guacamelee!!

Sony has confirmed its line-up of free titles for PlayStation Plus subscribers in December.

As previously announced, PlayStation 4 owners who also have a Plus sub get free copies of Resogun and Contrast.

But there are also discounts on Trine 2 (20 per cent off until 13th December) and Super Motherload (10 per cent off until the same date).

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Digital FoundryNext-Gen Now: Killzone Shadow Fall, Resogun and Knack

Digital Foundry serves up 1080p60 video downloads and performance analysis for Sony's major PS4 launch exclusives.

It's PlayStation 4 launch week - in the US at least. For the UK and Europe, the next generation doesn't start for another couple of weeks, while Japan is months away from the arrival of Sony's latest hardware. To help bridge the gap, we're happy to provide some 1080p60 download video of the key Sony first-party exclusives: Killzone Shadow Fall, Resogun and Knack.

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida ponders mixed PS4 review scores

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida ponders mixed PS4 review scores

"These games really grow on you..."

Sony's three first-party PlayStation 4 launch games were reviewed by much of the gaming press yesterday - and scores have been mixed.

Housemarque's arcade shooter Resogun currently sits on the highest review score average according to Metacritic: 82. Guerrilla Games' technical showcase shooter Killzone Shadow Fall has a 74 Metascore, and Sony Japan Studio's Knack has a Metascore of 59.

While Finnish studio Housemarque will no-doubt be delighted with Resogun's critical acclaim, Guerrilla Games and to a greater extent Sony Japan Studio, alongside Knack director and PS4 system architect Mark Cerny, won't be happy.

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PS4 launch title Resogun free for Plus subscribers

PS4 launch title Resogun free for Plus subscribers

In December's bumper Instant Game Collection update.

Sony has detailed December's bumper selection of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

It'll include the eye-catching indie launch title Resogun, as well as Contrast - previously announced to be free as a replacement for the now-delayed Driveclub.

Both will be available to download from 29th November, the date of the console's launch in Europe.

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Resogun review

RecommendedResogun review

Voxel ad astra.

If Super Stardust HD was Housemarque's twist on Robotron, then Resogun must be its Defender, right? It makes for a pleasing narrative: the hardware's moving forwards, but the Finnish arcade masters are clearly headed in the opposite direction, working their way ever deeper into Eugene Jarvis' cherished past.

The truth is a little more complex. Defender's handful of mechanics were shaken into vivid life by regular jolts of chaos as the flockers and the baiters wove mysterious paths through the scrolling levels. Resogun's 2D levels definitely scroll, you can shoot backwards and forwards, and you can even protect dinky, neon-green humans from abduction in between all the explosions, but Housemarque's enemies exist in a world of hectic predictability. They're zipping around in polite formations; they're warping in from Namco's galaxies rather than Williams'.

Just look at the finer detailing: Defender could offer you a nutty mechanic like a random hyperspace jump because it was fighting anarchy with anarchy. Resogun opts for a chainable boost instead - a calculated, educated risk for a game packed full of calculated, educated threats.

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FeatureIndies and the next generation of consoles

Inside Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony's fight for the future.

Indies are scorching hot. Maybe it was Minecraft. Maybe it was Super Meat Boy. Maybe it was Journey. Either way, just weeks before the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One it is indie developers who find themselves - whether they like it or not - on the front line of the next generation battle.

Why Resogun could be the star of the PS4 launch

VideoWhy Resogun could be the star of the PS4 launch

Exclusive footage, Housemarque interviewed.

It's fair to say the PlayStation 4's launch line-up isn't the strongest we've ever seen, but one title we're really excited about is Housemarque's Resogun, the Finnish developer's "spritual sequel" to the Super Stardust games. It's an old-school shmup with a wraparound twist and some stunning voxel-based spectacle - all running at 1080p60, naturally, and free to PlayStation Plus subscribers at launch.

Watch an entire level disintegrate in the stunning footage below, captured at Gamescom last week by our video editor Ian Higton. Ian also chatted to Housemarque's Harry Kruger and played the game himself, coming away deeply impressed - he compares it to playing Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved on an Xbox 360 for the first time.

For more on Resogun, be sure to check back at 10am tomorrow UK time for in-depth Digital Foundry coverage of the game, including an unmissable 60 frames per second video.

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Digital FoundryResogun at 720p60

Full frame-rate action showing Housemarque's launch PS4 shooter at its best. We recommend Google Chrome for best quality playback.

Full frame-rate action showing Housemarque's launch PS4 shooter at its best. We recommend Google Chrome for best quality playback.

Digital FoundryResogun at 60fps

Full frame-rate action showing Housemarque's launch PS4 shooter at its best. We recommend Google Chrome for best quality playback.

Full frame-rate action showing Housemarque's launch PS4 shooter at its best. We recommend Google Chrome for best quality playback.

Digital FoundryDigital Foundry vs. Resogun

Head-to-head with Housemarque, plus exclusive PlayStation 4 60fps gameplay video.

"Resogun definitely would not be possible on this [current] generation of hardware," says Housemarque lead programmer Harry Kruger. "The approach would need to have been a lot different and we'd have to have cut a lot of corners. Quite simply the result wouldn't be the same. When you're developing for multiple platforms, the weakest platform basically becomes the lead platform. Essentially this version would have been a port."

Housemarque announces side-scrolling smhup Resogun for PS4

Housemarque announces side-scrolling smhup Resogun for PS4

A "spiritual successor" to the Super Stardust series.

Housemarque, the Finnish developer behind the Super Stardust series and Dead Nation, has announced its upcoming PS4 arcade shooter Resogun.

Touted as a "spiritual successor" to the Stardust series, Resogun tasks players with controlling a ship that cruises around a cylindrical force field protecting a reactor within. Unlike Super Stardust's spherical maps, Resogun's horizontal-only layouts mean the developer can add gravity to the formula. "You actually expect things to fall down, there are ground enemies," explained Housemarque's Mikael Haveri on the PlayStation Blog. "These elements completely change the playfield compared to the Stardust series."

Additionally, you'll be encouraged to free "dudes" surrounded by alien swarms to gain power-ups and shields. There will be co-op multiplayer, too, but Housemarque isn't discussing the details of that just yet.

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