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Resident Evil Village - Castle gate, finding Luiza's House and finding the Screwdriver and Truck key explained

How to escape the village and enter the castle.

Opening the castle gate in Resident Evil Village is perhaps considered your first major objective, following surviving the werewolves attack in the Old Town.

This will see you explore more locations of the village, make your way to Luiza's House, and get the items you need - such as the Screwdriver and Truck Key - to open the gate.

For help elsewhere in the game, see our Resident Evil Village walkthrough and list of Goats of Warding locations.

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How to open the castle gate in Resident Evil Village

After the cutscene with the woman who mentions Rose, you'll be in a new area of the village, centered around the Maiden of War statue.

There are various minor optional things here - there's various resources dotted around; some wells you can't use yet but are worth interacting with to mark on your map; a Scribbled Note file in the first house on the left when you enter; and a Goats of Warding collectable to smash in the shrine just north of the statue and the Goats of Warding Placard file - so take your time exploring.

The main point of interest, however, is the gate running north from the statue, which leads the way to the castle, provided you find two Crests.

The first Crest can be found in the Church, which is just east of the gate. You'll find this inside, on a pedestal at the front. There's also a typewriter here to save your game, and a map here showing the way to the next Crest, which is in Luiza's House. Let's head there now.

How to find Luiza's House in Resident Evil Village

Leave the church and head east, so you come to a small area with long grass and a scarecrow.

There are werewolves here; the easiest thing to do is grab the resources from the left building when you enter (which includes a Mine), sprint through the grass while blocking and ignoring any enemies which appear, and quickly enter the house to your right for a cutscene.

After the cutscene, exit via the window, then smash the resource crate ahead. Jump onto the blue box in the corner to scale the wall.

Go left and interact with the lit cabinet next to the gate to learn of the next Crest location - though you need to unscrew it first. Let's worry about that later.

Open the gate to let the villagers in, then attempt to enter the building. After the cutscene, save using the typewriter and interact with the Dangerous Creatures file in the corner. There's also a photo album in the corner if you want to kill time while the door opens.

Follow the villager down the corridor for a cutscene.

Escape the House and find the Truck Key and Screwdriver explained

You'll now be in a garage. Head through the doorways to the kitchen. There are various resources here in the drawers and on the sides, but to progress, search the last drawer of the green kitchen unit for the Truck Key. When inspecting, move it slightly to the side for a prompt to interact further, giving you the screwdriver.

Return to the truck and use the Truck Key in the ignition.

Follow the villager up and after several cutscenes, drop through the window and back outside the house.

Open up the lit cabinet next to the gate with the Screwdriver (again, interact with the Truck Key if you haven't already to get it) for the Demon Crest.

Now proceed through the gate and back to the castle gate in the graveyard. You'll encounter two minor cutscenes as you go, but no enemies. Note there are several Goats of Warding locations accessible to you at this point, if you fancy picking them up now - if not, you can return later.

At the gate, insert the Maiden Crest on the left side, and the Demon Crest on the right. You need to rotate them until they match the surrounding carvings, like so:

Now we can proceed over the drawbridge and into the castle.

Once inside the basement, attempt to throw the switch on the wall to the left for a cutscene. Once it ends, you must survive the spike traps underneath the castle.

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