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Resident Evil Village - How to survive the werewolves attack and find the Shotgun

Can you make it? Yes lycan!

Surviving the werewolves attack is your first major combat section of Resident Evil Village.

Following on from exploring the West Old Town and East Old Town, you'll be surrounded by enemies at just about every turn in an enclosed area of the village - somewhat reminiscent of the opening scenes of Resident Evil 4.

The key here is to stay calm and keep moving - and to grab the Shotgun to give you the upper hand when cornered. But if in doubt - guard and run!

For help elsewhere in the game, see our Resident Evil Village walkthrough and list of Goats of Warding locations.

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How to survive the werewolves attack and find the Shotgun location explained

Once you leave back out into East Old Town after the radio comes to life, there will be another assault, this time from an overwhelming number of forces - and a larger, much more powerful foe.

How the werewolf encounter played out in its entirety for us.

The area we can now explore has expanded a bit, and though it's still enclosed, we imagine this section is freeform for where you go; you can go left out of the house now to another set of houses to the north, the first with a Shotgun and the second with some ammo, within which we climbed a ladder inside into the roof, and could then drop off from.

Routes to the north and south of the stream are now also available - both with locked doors at each end. There are crates dotted around with ammo and other resources - open them up when it's safe to do so - while killing werewolves will drop treasures and other supplies.

That said, it's recommended you run past enemies, especially against the large foe, and only fighting when you're trapped - or, ideally, blocking before making a getaway.

How do you end the werewolf assault? It's not 100 percent clear, but for us and Aoife on our video team - see the below video embed from around the 40 minute mark - we had the following in common:

  • Grabbing the shotgun from the house to the north of the barn
  • Heading north again to the next house, climbing the ladder within to the roof
  • Dropping down to the village, which sees the large enemy spawn
  • Surviving for several minutes, and killing a handful of werewolves as we go, until a cutscene cuts in
Watch around 40 minutes in to see how Aoife's assault with the werewolves went down.

In short - it's worth trying to explore the two buildings north of the barn, and surviving as long as possible. The cutscene which ended the assault took place in different locations for our playthroughs; for us, when we retreated back to the building with the Bolt Cutters then left again (you can see this in the video embed near the top of this section) and for Aoife, just out when exploring the buildings around the stream.

Once the cutscene ends and the hordes retreat, the red gate north of the stream is open. If you haven't already, grab the Shotgun from the house to the north of the barn with the radio, and continue through this gate when ready.

This then leads to the Castle Gate and Luiza's House - both locations you need to visit to progress.

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