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Resident Evil Village - How to survive the spike traps underneath the castle

How to escape the kidnapping as you arrive in the castle.

The spike traps in Resident Evil Village are your first experience to the castle area once you make it through the gate - a particularly nasty welcome that might take you a few attempts to survive.

If you fail either trap, you'll start back at the beginning of the short section. Though you're unarmed, you need to be aware of your surroundings - and if you need a hint, be sure to check around the edges...

For help elsewhere in the game, see our Resident Evil Village walkthrough and list of Goats of Warding locations.

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How to survive the spike traps underneath the castle

This introductory area underneath the castle is a linear route with several traps on the way to survive.

Surviving the two spike traps underneath the castle.

After you smash down the fence and get ambushed by the large enemy, you have to avoid the spike ceiling.

To escape, smash the wood to the side to find a hidden route.

Keep going round a corner to drop into a pit where a spike cylinder advances towards you. To survive, retreat to the back left corner, where there's an alcove in the wall you can safely hide in.

Grab the resources from the now smashed crates and continue through the mine.

At the end, you'll emerge back out at the door we were kidnapped at. Quite the diversion! Now throw the switch and head through to the Vineyard.

There's not much here beyond a Goat of Warding and the Merchant in front of the gates. You won't have much cash on you right now, so don't worry about picking anything up. Instead, we recommend pressing on through the doors and into the castle.

Once inside, you can read the Guest Book file on the left table, and observe a painting straight ahead.

There is a lift room to the right - which you can ignore for now aside from shooting a glinting treasure on the wall up above as you turn right inside - so head through the left door and following corridor until you reach the Hall of the Four.

Inspect the inscription on the door to the left when ready for a cutscene. How we'll have to escape the bedchamber and open the Prioress Door in the Main Hall.

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