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Resident Evil Village - How to escape the bedchamber and open the Prioress Door in the Main Hall

How to escape your first encounter with the daughters of Lady Dimitresu.

Resident Evil Village's bedchamber will give you the first introduction of a major adversary - the daughters of Lady Dimitresu.

Once done, your next task is to make it through the Main Hall by opening the Prioress Door. If you need a clue, then take a closer look at your inventory...

For help elsewhere in the game, see our Resident Evil Village walkthrough and list of Goats of Warding locations.

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How to escape the bedchamber in Resident Evil Village

Shortly after surviving the spike traps under the castle and reaching the Hall of Four in the castle, you get captured again - this time by the daughters. Following the cutscene showing them leaving, you will resume control of Ethan.

Look up to the right to see a button prompt. This will release you from capture.

After the cutscene where you are healed, you can grab a new treasure type - the Crimson Glass - from the table.

Head south into the next room, which featured a Lockpick drawer and a locked door. Inspect the fireplace and crawl through to a hidden corridor.

Interact with the statue at the end of the Maroon Eye Ring key item.

This will open out to a corridor which will take you back to the Hall of the Four, where the Four Angels' Busts will reveal themselves. You need a key item to insert into these - so remember this for later.

Before heading up the stairs, go to the room to the south-west, where you can pay the Merchant a visit, pick up The Labyrinths File, and see a strange diorama which has a 'hole for something spherical' - remember this for later.

Leave and go up the steps to the Main Hall. Going south will take you back to the Entrance Hall, otherwise there is nothing on the ground floor.

Go up the stairs and enter the Wine Room opposite. Here there's the Winemaking History File, and the Silver Flower Bottle Stand you can interact with and place a key item on - the Sanguis Virginis - something we don't have yet.

How to open the Prioress Door using the Maroon Eye Ring

Back out on the Main Hall 2F, go south. Here is the Prioress Door which requires a key item.

Go into your inventory and inspect the Maroon Eye Ring, and rotate until it can be interacted with. This will give you the Maroon Eye. Insert it into the door to open up.

Once you do, one of the daughters will appear. Head through the door, along the corridor, until you come to a room dressed in white furnishings.

There is a set of wooden planks you can break through at the far end, and drop down into the basement below to escape.

In the B1 of the castle, you can read the A Maid's Diary File before heading downstairs. Crouch and go through the passage to spot Lady Dimitrescu.

Emerge into this area - the Tasting Room - then go round the table and south to the Hall of War.

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