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Resident Evil: Code Veronica is getting a remake this year, from fans

Another mutation.

An unofficial fan-made remake of Resident Evil: Code Veronica is due out this year.

Aiming to be in-line with Capcom's own remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3, the Code Veronica remake features upgraded visuals and a third-person camera, among other improvements.

It's been in development since 2019 and will be released for free at some point in 2022 as three separate chapters. It's not yet clear if those chapters will be released separately or together.

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The remake is also adding new animations, the dodge mechanic from the Resident Evil 3 remake, a fire and rain reaction system, and redesigned lighting.

Many of these additions are improvements to a demo released by the fan developers last year that's still playable.

Multiple languages and a "lite" version for PCs with low resources are also planned. "The idea of this version is that nobody is left out without being able to play the Remake," reads the website.

A lengthy trailer for the project shows off many of the new features.

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Resident Evil: Code Veronica was the fourth game in the main series to be released by Capcom, originally for the Sega Dreamcast in 2000. It follows Claire Redfield from the second game as she searches for her brother Chris and winds up on a remote prison island.

It may seem like the obvious next game for Capcom to remake, but instead rumours suggest they're planning a remake of Resident Evil 4 following its recent VR outing.

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