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Resident Evil 7 Bedroom DLC guide - Painting locations, door password, Medusa and the Serpent shadow puzzle

How to escape the Bedroom and solve every puzzle.

Resident Evil 7 Bedroom DLC is one of three episodes in Banned Footage Vol 1, offering an additional video tape scenario featuring our favourite cameraman Clancy in a room escape-style scenario to solve with Marguerite.

You can watch the entire episode being solved in the following Resident Evil 7 Bedroom solution video, or read on a step-by-step explainer.

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A few notes before we get started; there are several puzzles that, when solved, will trigger a timer that sees Marguerite enter the room. During these moments, you have to put the room back exactly as it was before. The instructions below tell you things to look out for, but note you can fail the first instance of this and still continue playing. Later, however, it can spell game over.

Also, your choice of conversation prompts don't affect the outcome of the episode, and there are also hidden three Dead Rat locations you can find to unlock a bonus Trophy or Achievement.

Painting locations in the Resident Evil 7 Bedroom DLC

Pick up the Spoon from the tray, then check the lock to free yourself. Pick up the Lantern on the bed beside you, which you'll need at all times while exploring to light the room.

The desk on the south side here has a few things of interest - a drawer with a note saying 'The same time as all other clocks' and a vase with a Lighter in - but any drawers you open, shut them again.

On the western wall there are three marks above a closed book where paintings should be. Collect Untitled Painting C and place it in the middle. Now to find the other paintings.

To find Untitled Painting B in the north east corner and retrieve it from the wall, and place it on the left side.

Next, attempt to change the time on the clock next to the bed to receive the Broken Clock Hand.

Note that in-between these two points, is a Dead Rat Location.

Use the Broken Clock Hand on the grandfather clock on the north wall for the Untitled Painting A.

The clock will now chime and Marguerite will be alerted. Quickly set this last painting on the wall - so they are in the order B, C, A - then collect the Sewing Needle from the book.

Before the timer ends, you have to reset in the room back to how it was before you started. This means, making sure you close the grandfather clock door and any drawers, resetting the paintings (put B back in the corner, A in your inventory and C on the left-most position), put the lantern back on the wall and when you climb into bed, press the prompt to wait for her to place the clamp back in place.

You should successfully avoid her suspicion, but if not and she attacks you, you may have to use the Spoon on the restraint to break free.

Next, put the Sewing Needle back on the bedside clock and set the time to 5:00. The bed will move, and a note will drop out.

Ignore it for now. Interact with the clock the move the bed back. Place the lantern on the wall and select the 'Wait' prompt in bed to place the restraint back.

Door password in the Resident Evil 7 Bedroom DLC

If you avoided suspicion correctly, she'll come in and give you some food. Pick up the Fork and Stove, and if you want a Dead Rat Location, then use the Fork on the food, then investigate the food again from standing next to the clock to find one.

Either way, grab the lantern, and read the note on the floor for some clues:

These clues tell you to put the paintings in these order on the wall - A, B, C - to reveal a new section in the book, a figure with a leaf on it with a fork and spoon either side.

This is the clue you need for the door. Investigating each of those items in your inventory will reveal the symbols, so insert them in that order - Snake, Leaf, Apple. The door to the Storage room will open.

Medusa and the Serpent shadow puzzle in the Resident Evil 7 Bedroom DLC

Before you start investigating the rest of the Storage room, check the top of the shelves more or less directly ahead for the third and final Dead Rat Location.

Open the bottom part of the cupboard using the Fork you just collected to find Solid Fuel inside.

Return to the other room, go to the corner and remove Untitled Painting B. Combine the Solid Fuel with the Stove, and place it there.

Use the Lighter - you can find this inside a vase by the investigating a desk on the south side of the room - to remove the bugs. Now investigate the bottle, rotate it until the Corkscrew appears, and then take it out.

You now have to hide again. Take the Stove and put it back in your inventory, and place the Untitled Painting B back in its place. Place the Lantern on the wall, climb into bed and select Wait to put the restraint on.

When the coast is clear, get out of bed, and use the Corkscrew on the Lantern hooks (it's the top half of each) next to the bed and in the far end of the Storage room.

Doing so will give you two Lantern Hooks, which you can combine to make an Iron Statuette.

Next, investigate behind the desk on the south side of the Bedroom to find a Knife hidden away against the wall.

Use the Knife on the box secured with red tape in the Storage Room to open it up. Place the Lantern inside.

There are two plinths in this Storage room for the Medusa and the Serpent shadow puzzle. Use the Iron Statuette on the one closest to the painting, and rotate it round until it resembles a Medusa.

Next, use the Fork on the one closest to the light source to make the Serpent head.

Now, the bird cage will open and the Snake Key will be yours. You'll hear Marguerite enter the Bedroom next door. Equip the Knife so it's held in your hand, then enter the room, where the cutscene will play and you'll automatically plunge it and momentarily stun her.

Time to escape. Quickly investigate the clock by the bed to once again move the bed and open a way to the door, and use the Snake Key (use it on the left side, when the prompt appears) and jump in. Head down the steps to finish the chapter.