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Resident Evil 6 more than twice as long as RE5, says Capcom

Three different storylines mean there's "plenty to play".

Resident Evil 6 is more than twice the length of its not-exactly-brief predecessor, judging by comments from producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi.

Speaking in an interview with the PlayStation Blog, Hirabayashi estimated that each of the game's distinct storylines "is probably around 70 per cent to 80 per cent of the volume of the whole game in Resident Evil 5".

"So with three separate storylines, there's plenty to play here," he added.

As previously revealed, one third of the game sees Leon Kennedy and series newcomer Helena Harper team up in Tall Oaks, another follows Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin in Eastern Europe, while the final segment has Chris Redfield and partner Piers Nivans take on the undead horde in China.

For a little more detail on the latest entry in Capcom's enduring zombie franchise, direct your eyes at Eurogamer's recent Resident Evil 6 preview. The finished game is due out on 2nd October.

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