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Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition still uses PS2 cut-scenes in Separate Ways

Otherwise looks good.

The swanky 1080p 60fps PC re-release of Resident Evil 4 still uses PlayStation 2-quality cut-scenes in the game's Separate Ways mode.

Capcom community manager Brett Elston confirmed the news in the comments thread of a recent Capcom Unity blog post.

It's disappointing but somewhat unsurprising - Capcom has never smartened up the story scenes found within its Ada Wong-centric tale despite the mode being present in all but the original GameCube release.

Seperate Ways was first included in the game's PlayStation 2 version, which pre-rendered all of the cut-scenes to squeeze better performance from Sony's aging machine.

Resident Evil 4's original real-time cut-scenes were restored for subsequent versions, but the new content found in Separate Ways was never converted. The difference looked jarring enough on the Wii, let alone last year's PS3 and Xbox 360 updates - or the new 1080p PC version.

Separate Ways tells a parallel story to that of the main game which neatly dovetails in numerous key places. It was a smart and enjoyable addition, and a worthwhile companion to the game's main arc.

It's a shame because - apart from this - the Ultimate HD Edition looks pretty good:

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