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Resident Evil 4 Remake players discover method to stop village fight early

Bell end.

Resident Evil 4 players will be aware of its iconic village section from the start, whether that's in the original, the new remake, or its chainsaw demo.

But ingenious players have discovered a new method to end it early.

It's one of those 'that's really obvious, why didn't I think of that?' moments.

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So, slight spoiler warning, but if you've played the game you'll know the village section ends once you've survived for long enough and the bell tolls.

Turns out, though, you can actually shoot the bell yourself to end the section early and skip onwards. Climb on to the roof of the building with the shotgun and aim for the tower in the distance.

The skip was shared on reddit and in the tweet below, amongst others.

Of course, that requires a sniper rifle, so this skip is only possible on new game plus mode.

Still, that will surely be helpful for anyone looking to speedrun the game.

Speaking of which, the game has barely been out and already YouTuber Dot Dot has managed to complete the game in just over two and a half hours.

It's impressive stuff, if a little disheartening watching someone do in minutes what took me hours over the weekend.

Check out the full run below.

Dot Dot's Resident Evil 4 Remake speedrunWatch on YouTube

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