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RedOctane reveals Guitar Hero 3

Official FAQ spills beans.

RedOctane has revealed that Guitar Hero 3 is in development for PlayStation 3, PS2, Xbox 360 and Wii.

It's due to be available across the US in autumn, though Activision was unavailable to comment on when we might expect it in Europe.

The unveiling happened in the support section of RedOctane's website, where the co-publisher responded to queries about which platforms Guitar Hero II would appear on by unveiling a third game in its answer. Exactly how we would have handled it.

There's no news on a track list for this iteration, or what other fancy features will be included, but we expect plenty of rock-based madness, plus a new PlayStation 3 guitar and possible Wii peripheral. Naturally those of you with PS2 and Xbox 360 controllers will be able to reuse yours.

It follows news that Guitar Hero developer Harmonix will be helping EA create a new rhythm-action game called Rock Band. And rather than replicate the antics of previous games, it will attempt to take the whole experience one step further, by letting you simulate each aspect of your dream rock line-up; using drum, microphone, lead and rhythm guitar peripherals.

We bet our band will be better than yours, too.

Head over to our recent Guitar Hero II Xbox 360 review to see why we're so fired up.

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