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Watch this real life Daredevil complete Ocarina of Time blindfolded

Gets 100 per cent in 103 hours.

You know how in action movies whenever the hero meets a blind person they always end up being a highly skilled combatant? Well YouTuber Runnerguy2489 is that guy in real life after completing the entirety of Ocarina of Time blindfolded.

Not only did Runnerguy2489 save Hyrule, he 100 per cented the game with all mini-games completed, pieces of heart collected and Gold Skulltulas slaughtered.

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As reported by Redditer lonniganseaweed, the full run took 103 hours, 10 minutes and eight seconds to complete, though Runnerguy2489 spent countless hours beforehand learning how to sense his surroundings without the use of his eyes. You can check out other stats about this run here.

Earlier this year Runnerguy2489 played through the first three dungeons blindfolded for Awesome Games Done Quick 2015, a charity event that raised over $1.5m for Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Another runner completed Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! blindfolded during the same event.

As you can see in Runnerguy2489's epic conclusion to this blindfolded run, he uses a lot of counting his backsteps while remaining parallel to the walls to navigate the open-world game.

Now please, no one kidnap this man as he will clearly reveal himself to be a kung-fu master without the use of his eyes.

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