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Real life Jedi beats Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! blindfolded

The dream fight.

Someone has defeated Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! while wearing a blindfold.

Simply defeating Tyson WITH your vision is already impressive.

Real life Jedi Jack Wedge accomplished this astounding feat this weekend. He's the first person in recorded history to conquer the titular boxer - one of gaming's most difficult bosses - without the aid of his vision.

Last year a man going by the name of Sinister1 managed to shock the world by simply getting to Tyson blindfolded during charity drive Awesome Games Done Quick. He said at the start of that fight that he wouldn't be able to best the final boss as "his delays between when he throws his punches are completely random."

"I'll fight him blindfolded just for fun, but the blindfolded portion of the run is pretty much over," he said at the time.

Yet Jack Wedge knew he could one day improve upon this record.

Amazingly, Wedge isn't going to stop here. For he only won the Mike Tyson fight by decision, whereas he'd like to knock the big boss man out - something he'll get cracking on "as soon as I get my NES and Tyson cart back" he said on his YouTube channel (the record was set on the Wii's Virtual Console port).

Watch the entire awe-inspiring blindfolded playthrough below.

Watch on YouTube

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