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Raven sorts out Call of Duty: Warzone's hit marker issue, fixes Modern Warfare weapon XP bug

Good to grind.

Raven Software has issued an update for Call of Duty: Warzone that fixes one of the game's more annoying bugs.

The update, which went live last night, fixes an issue that was causing hit markers to not appear consistently.

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Modern Warfare players were also surprised to see a fix for weapon XP not awarding as intended in multiplayer. It looks like the hit markers fix also carries across to Modern Warfare multiplayer.

Activision has left Modern Warfare behind after just a year to focus on battle royale behemoth Warzone and Treyarch's shooter Black Ops Cold War, so it was felt Modern Warfare bug fixes were not guaranteed.

I played a few games of Modern Warfare multiplayer and found weapon XP is now progressing. The grind continues...

As we reported this week, a Warzone player was able to obtain and play with an unreleased weapon that is only playable in Modern Warfare's Survival mode. The hope is this gun, and others available in Modern Warfare's Survival mode but not its multiplayer, will be released for Modern Warfare proper at some point, which would suggest further support for the game.

And finally on last night's update, issues with the user interface on the loadout menu are fixed, and the Valentine's weekend playlist names have been updated. Warzone now has "Warzone Rumble in the sheets", and "Love and Plunder" trios.

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