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Rare responds to fan site closure

But not Kinect Sports criticism.

Kinect Sports developer Rare has offered its best wishes to a long-running fan site that blamed the Microsoft-owned developer for its closure.

Rare said it was "very sorry" to hear of nine-year-old fan site MundoRare's decision to shut its virtual doors.

MundoRare announced its closure earlier this week after it claimed Rare knocked back a planned video documentary on the UK studio.

According to the site, Rare denied access because it reckoned the film would not be "on message".

"It simply makes no sense," said the site.

"It has changed our perception of Rare forever and leaves us with no other option but to end our support for them. Yet it wasn't the only cause."

While MundoRare remains puzzled by Rare's decision, it's easy to understand why Rare predicted the proposed documentary would not be "on message".

The fan site said its disappointment in Rare's Kinect game Kinect Sports, and indeed in most Rare games released after Microsoft's 2002 purchase of the studio, played a part in its decision to close.

"It is really hard to think that a blatant copy of a four-year-old Wii game is the best idea Rare could come up with when facing a device with so much potential as Kinect," said the site.

"Sadly, we see Kinect Sports not only as an uninspired response to Nintendo's success, but also as a major turnabout that collides with the interests of our website.

"As a game targeted to casual players, its audience doesn't include our readers or us. Naturally, if that's the path Rare wants to follow from now on, we can't go along with them."

Predictably, Rare refused to take issue with MundoRare's stinging criticism.

"Everyone at Rare was very sorry to hear that MundoRare would be closing," read a statement issued to Eurogamer.

"We've appreciated all their support and work over the years. We wish everyone involved with the site all the very best for the future."

Make your own mind up with the Kinect Sports E3 2010 trailer, below. Kinect's out in the UK this November.